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Welcome to the New Age Army


Among all the questions that need to be answered, but probably never will be given the nature of the Obama administration and its media groupies, is whether or not the Army properly screens its volunteer wannabe soldiers.

Call me out-of-it but shouldn’t the home schooling, the hippy-dippy parents (again with the pony tail), the interest in Eastern religions (not to mention the ballet lessons) have raised a few red flags at Bergdahl’s local Army recruiting office?  Does the Army understand that not everyone is cut out to be a soldier?

What I fear is that to Obama and to those who run the New Age army in a way that satisfies the feminist, gay, LGBT and multiculti industries, a “sensitive soul” like Bergdahl was (and is) just the kind of guy they were looking for.




Is there anyone out there, particularly Jews, who has taken offense over Barack Obama’s use of the word “deniers” to attack those who are skeptical about global warming, er excuse me, climate change?

The word deniers has, in recent memory, been used to describe those who reject the historical fact of the murder of 6 million Jews in what we now call The Holocaust. To use the word deniers to refer to what is at best plausible but still speculative opinion of what might happen in the future or even what might be happening now in some places is, I would think, obscene.

So in this age where you can hardly say a word without the Thought Police descending on you, how come Obama gets to implicitly compare people not convinced of man-made “climate change” to those who say the worst crime in human history never happened?