It Was Obama, Not Hillary

Melania, Donald, And Barron Trump At Home Shoot

In my last post, I didn’t get into why I think Obama elected Trump. From Trump’s astonishing victory, I can only conclude that an awful lot of people in this country are utterly fed up with politicians.

Almost all politicians today say nothing that isn’t the result of “focus grouping” and polling. Obama put together his two victories by tailoring every word he publicly uttered to please the groups who came out in droves to vote for him.  Obama (and now all Democrats) suck up to the following constituencies: single women, blacks, gays, public service unions, “intellectuals,” and Hispanics, both legal and illegal. Members of these groups usually live off the government either partially or entirely with Democratic encouragement. Think about that cartoon put out by and promoting the Obama campaign that approvingly depicted the life of a woman under Democratic rule, living from cradle to grave on the taxpayers’ dime.

Obama, the one time social worker, knew how to press all the right buttons, and he never strayed from the “talking points” designed specifically for his voters. To be fair, almost all politicians speak only focus-grouped talking points. It’s just that Obama was really good at it; as they say, he was never “off message.”

This election means that a lot of people finally have woken up to the fact that ultra-liberal politicians like Obama were trying to create a different kind of country from the one they thought they lived in.  And they were fed up with it.

Trump’s brilliant (yes, brilliant) insight was that he recognized that the fed-up constituency could be mobilized by the right kind of personality into a force powerful enough to win the presidency. He understood that such a personality had to be not a little different from the usual politician; rather, he had to be flamboyantly different. Like Max Bialystock,  Mel Brooks’s character in The Producers said, “If you got it, flaunt it.” Well, Trump understood what was going on in the country; he knew he had what the fed-up wanted (a candidate with a lot of chutzpah), and he was more than ready to flaunt it.

Thus Trump never uttered talking points. His style was to be utterly spontaneous; whatever thought ran through his head came immediately out of his mouth – uncensored and uncut. This of course horrified the Obama constituency, particularly the very influential intelligentsia in the media and the universities. The more Trump horrified artistes like actress Meryl Streep (who I very much agree is overrated), the more Trump and his antics delighted Hillary’s “deplorables.” He responded immediately to all in the media who criticized him. The more insulting Trump’s responses, the better. Trump’s people felt, correctly I believe, that these obnoxiously biased media people have been getting away with murder for decades, and no one (even the hated Fox News Channel) could do anything about it. Fox presents an alternative to liberalism while maintaining a modicum of “dignity” traditionally considered appropriate for TV. Trump modeled his persona  on the conservative talk show guys like Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin.

Besides the obvious favoritism Obama and Democrats shower upon their voters, the fed-up have had it with racial quotas, political correctness, and of course illegal immigrants. The fed-up saw racial favoritism in the schools, the universities, and even business. Even though various Supreme Court decisions seemed somewhat to limit such favoritism, the fed up saw no evidence that, for example,  the universities were conforming to these limits. Academia always seemed to have a way to get around any limits the courts might impose.  And few politicians had the courage to complain.

American style political correctness, as I remember, started up in the late 1980s and early 90s. As British historian Paul Johnson said, and I paraphrase: In the beginning political correctness seemed a minor nuisance, usually confined to certain universities. But before long, it descended on the West like a phosgene gas. As a result, many  parents were shocked to find their kids returning from college transformed  from teenagers mostly interested in sports and the opposite sex into fully indoctrinated authoritarians behaving like Leninists. These kids employed the new jargon of political correctness to beat the uninformed over the head. So cripples became the “physically challenged” and those we once called bums became “the homeless.” Writer Mark Steyn ironically coined the phrase “undocumented Americans,”  a politically correct term for illegal immigrants or (God forbid) wetbacks. Anybody who didn’t get with the new jargon could expect a tongue lashing. Public figures were especially vulnerable to attack when they spoke at universities.

Illegal immigration, Trump recognized, was an issue that really got to the fed-up. Few politicians were willing to do anything else but pander to the Hispanic vote. The usual talking point was, “Well, we can’t round up and deport thirty million people and their kids.” The fed-up believe, even if they don’t go around saying it, that there are lots of murderers, rapists, thieves and other nefarious types who get away with their crimes. As I have read, it is extremely difficult to get a jury to convict a murderer who is a gang member because witnesses know  the gang will go after them if they testify against the accused. The fed-up believe you can’t catch and deport every illegal immigrant just like you can’t catch or convict every murderer, but that doesn’t mean we give up trying to solve such crimes and punish the perpetrators. So the fed-up say:  Try to arrest and deport those here illegally because they naively believe that the law ought to be enforced. The fed-up are well aware that it is impossible to catch and deport every illegal immigrant. They say: Do the best you can.

Thus, the fed-up really don’t care about Trump’s vulgarity. They are tired of smooth -talking con artists like Obama. They are tired of the biased media and self-righteous movie stars.They are tired of youthful left wing enforcers of political correctness. And they are tired of a government that refuses to enforce the law when it offends their political supporters. They want someone in the White House who  will aggressively fight against the promoters of special interest, identity politics and who will concentrate on what they want: a strong, private sector economy; reasonable tax rates; vigorous law enforcement; free speech; and a culture based on merit rather than color and ethnicity. The fed-up think that of all the candidates running for President, Trump is the only one with the guts and independence to fight for that kind of political culture, for that kind of country. And as far as they are concerned, the more “offensive” tweets responding to the media and self-righteous movie stars, the better.



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