No More Firsts, Please

Hillary is a woman. That seems to be the only reason she’s basically unopposed for the Democratic presidential nomination. Yes, she has “name recognition” which nowadays is of utmost importance. Who out there knows Bernie Sanders or the former governor of Maryland? Quickly, what’s his name and could you pick him out a lineup? Ok, he’s Martin O’Malley and apparently he once had the dubious distinction of also being mayor of Baltimore, which has come to symbolize all that’s wrong with American inner cities.

So we know Hillary, but what makes her a shoe-in for president? Do I really need to list her non-accomplishments and her truck load of dubious baggage?

OK, just off the top of my head: non-existent “re-set” with Russia. In fact the reset emboldened Russia to go on a rampage in Ukraine and Crimea. She ignored security concerns in Libya and then tried to blame Benghazi on a video. And who can forget the immortal words: “At this point what difference does it make?” if a couple of guys get a yen to go kill Americans. I mean, who cares if they were merely offended TV watchers or Al Qaeda? Well, apparently an awful lot of folks don’t see what difference it makes given the lead Hillary has.

And then there’s the Clinton Foundation money pot. It’s amazing that she and her husband haven’t been indicted.

But the Democrats want their “First Woman President” just like they got their First African American President? Me? I’m ready for a second Harry Truman or Ronald Reagan or an American Margaret Thatcher. If it has to be a first woman, someone like The Iron Lady would fit the bill quite nicely.

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