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The Courageous Adam Silver


Among the many characteristics I find most annoying about liberals is their belief that whatever their stand on a controversy, it is by definition : Courageous.

Take the comically absurd auto-da-fe carried about by  NBA commissioner Adam Silver and the entire media/Obama complex against one rich old guy, LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling, for saying something (declared horribly offensive to black people) to his half-black girlfriend who was illegally recording the conversation. As a result Adam Silver has been declared worthy of the Media Medal of Honor which our chief executive will probably bestow on him at a solemn ceremony at the, dare I say it?, White House. Maybe I’m exaggerating the White House ceremony bit, but nowadays I go to bed at night with the firm feeling that They can’t do that, only to awake and find that They did It!

Of course, Silver’s defenestration of Sterling has produced a shit storm of abuse heaped on him by…whom? You wanted to show real courage, Adam? You should have called a press conference and said: What a team owner says in a private conversation (especially one illegally recorded) is none of the NBA’s business, and if the players don’t like it, they can refuse to play and thus not receive their obscenely generous salaries, period (as Barack likes to say).

But just when I think this orgy of self-righteousness could not get worse, I read the following in a story by Matthew Continetti in Commentary Magazine:

“It was real leadership,” consultant Doug Sosnik told Ron Fournier of National Journal, in what has to be my favorite entry in the catalogue of Adam Silver tongue-baths. Sosnik was complimenting the leadership skills of one of his clients; he was cheering Silver for taking his paid advice. And Sosnik was doing this in an interview with his friend Fournier, with whom he (and former Bush adviser Matthew Dowd) co-wrote a book in 2006. The Fournier column, then, is a triple self-advertisement, a free commercial for Sosnik’s business, Sosnik’s book, and Sosnik’s client. Impressive!"

Yes, indeed.

Welcome to the New Age Army


Among all the questions that need to be answered, but probably never will be given the nature of the Obama administration and its media groupies, is whether or not the Army properly screens its volunteer wannabe soldiers.

Call me out-of-it but shouldn’t the home schooling, the hippy-dippy parents (again with the pony tail), the interest in Eastern religions (not to mention the ballet lessons) have raised a few red flags at Bergdahl’s local Army recruiting office?  Does the Army understand that not everyone is cut out to be a soldier?

What I fear is that to Obama and to those who run the New Age army in a way that satisfies the feminist, gay, LGBT and multiculti industries, a “sensitive soul” like Bergdahl was (and is) just the kind of guy they were looking for.

It’s Over!

The other night, I watched about 15 minutes of a tribute to the great comedian Don Rickles. I turned it off when Rickles came out using a walker and with a frightened, bewildered look in his eyes. This was definitely not the Don Rickles I remember, but I give him credit for having the guts to appear on television in such an alarming state of decrepitude.

No, it wasn’t Rickles that I found so annoying. Rather, it was the many preening “celebrities” the camera kept dwelling on. Robert DeNiro and Martin Scorsese were present which was tolerable because they actually knew and worked with Rickles, but unless I missed the connection, what the f–k does Johnny Depp have to do with Don Rickles?

 It was kind of like those usually absurd “American Masters” documentaries where someone like Billy Crystal is called upon to hold forth on anyone  from Mark Twain to  Pete Seeger. It’s like the “clergyperson” who’s paid to eulogize a person he or she never met.  Embarrassing.

Just as irritating was the constant cutting away to “celebrities” (none of whom I recognized, but then I’m an out of touch old fart), who were all young and good looking, the sole purpose of which, obviously, was to provide eye candy to the viewers. All of these twenty-somethings looked just as bewildered as Rickles, like who the hell are they talking about up there  and why am I here?

Here’s the bottom line:  Don Rickles is an old guy from another era, so why not have more people in the audience who actually enjoyed Rickles in his prime or even know who he is?

Which leads me to a recent Rolling Stones concert in London that was shown on HBO. Like with the Rickles show, the camera kept going to the audience which seemed to be comprised entirely of sexy 20 year olds with their boobs hanging out. Now I love 20 year old boobs as much as the next guy, but do you (HBO and the Stones) really want me to believe that people that young are really your most ardent fans? Where’s the pot-bellied old bald guy (with the requisite pony tail) who actually comes to your concerts and listens to your songs?

As Don Rickles would say:  Mick, just between me and you: It’s over!Image