The Grand Besmircher

Yesterday, Obama urged critics of UN ambassador Susan Rice’s misleading Benghazi “full Ginsburg” on the Sunday talk shows to leave her alone and dared them to “go after” him instead.

Is there any button this guy won’t push? How thrilling to watch Big Brother Barry defend the honor of a distressed damsel (and she’s black too!).

All demagoguery aside, I agree with Obama: They should go after him, and the reporters might have immediately obliged by asking him why he sent Doctor Rice on all five Sunday talk shows to spin misleading talking points when, as Obama claimed yesterday, Rice “had nothing to do with Benghazi.” And if I were Rice, I would be asking him the same thing.

John McCain and Lindsay Graham have been assigned the role of White Republican Bullies in this melodrama, but as I recall, they were only responding to questions about whether Rice could be confirmed as a possible Secretary of State after her full Ginsburg. If her reputation has been “besmirched,” as Obama correctly claims, the grand besmircher is Obama.

You might remember that Colin Powell dutifully appeared before the UN Security Council to make the case for the presence of WMD in Iraq, and when no WMD were found after the war, his reputation took a bit of a hit, which I am sure still infuriates Powell and is probably the reason for his inexcusable behavior in the Scooter Libby case and his later endorsement of Obama. But at least the Bush administration believed there were such weapons in Iraq as did the CIA and every significant intelligence agency in the world, the loony claims of WMD truthers notwithstanding.

To send Rice out to blanket the airwaves with what were at best sketchy talking points and at worst bold faced lies was a reckless, risky maneuver almost guaranteed to injure if not destroy her credibility and harm her career.

So by all means, the politicians and press should “go after” Obama, just like the media went after Bush.

But I am not holding my breath.

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