It’s Good To Be The King

Pundit Bill Kristol has taken some heat from Republicans this week for suggesting that they ought to accede to Obama’s desire to raise taxes on “the rich.”

I agree with Kristol.

For one thing, it would promote political hygiene. Who wants to see Obama firing up Air Force One to tour the country as he’s done for most of the last 4 years (surrounded by the now familiar adoring union moonies) preaching about how the GOP wants to screw the “middle class” to benefit “millionaires and billionaires”? I am sure there are people out there who cannot get enough of that, but they have to be in the minority…right?

Yes, I know, snarling about fat cats and the rich is what Obama does best (Frankly, it’s the only thing he does. Like all revolutionists, he really isn’t any good at mere governing.). Sure, there is the possibility that Obama will simply raise the stakes by demanding higher taxes than the expiration of the Bush rate would produce.

Still, it’s better to allow Obama to do his worst. The media has already spun the election as a stinging rejection of conservatism and a smashing triumph for massive government, regardless of the actual results. Soon the politicized perception will become the reality, and just about everybody will believe that what Obama wants is what “the American People” want.

Kristol noted that half of “the rich” are Hollywood liberals anyway, so why not give “The Boss,” George Clooney and Anna Wintour what they say they want – higher taxes. I know, of course, that The Boss and company won’t really pay the higher taxes; their army of tax attorneys wouldn’t stand for it. But hey, hypocrisy isn’t a crime.

I say, give Obama what he says he wants on taxes and move on to the real issue – spending, particularly entitlement spending. Again, I know that the Democrats will then employ the usual bait and switch tactics they’ve been using for years against presidents like Reagan and Bush, the Elder: Get the Republicans to raise taxes in return for a “promise” to cut spending; pocket the higher taxes and then fughetabout the spending cuts.

I know the Democrats have succeeded with this strategy in the past, but I think they may be unable to use it this time when it has become so obvious that, as Mark Steyn wrote, “There’s nothin’ holding the joint up.”

When the higher taxes on George Clooney and Jeffrey Katzenberg don’t yield anything, the Democrats will have to come up with something else, which will have to be much higher taxes on the middle class (See Europe).

So let’s stand aside and clear the way for Obama to take us down the road to ruin. He has already shown that he really doesn’t care about no stinkin’ Congress anyway (See his unilateral trashing of the Welfare Law’s work rules and his implementing of the “Dream Act” in spite of Congress’s rejection).

What’s to be gained by drawing the drama out. The sooner Reality becomes apparent, the sooner we can remove the rubble and start to rebuild.

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