Jews And Abortion

Why are Jews obsessed with abortion?

According to polls (look them up yourself), 90% of Jews describe themselves as “pro-choice.” But what percentage of abortions are performed on Jewish women?: 1.3%.

Talking to Jews, you quickly come to the conclusion that abortion is the primary reason for their cult-like loyalty to the Democratic Party.

Here’s another statistic: The groups with the highest percentage of abortions are “Non-Hispanic black and Hispanic women (non-Hispanic black women have almost twice the percentage of their Hispanic sisters).

But more than 77% of blacks believe that abortion is immoral and consider themselves “pro-life.” Interestingly, almost the same percentage consider themselves “pro-choice,” which could mean that either a lot of black folks don’t understand political abortion lingo or they consider abortion immoral, but think people should choose for themselves.

Yet, you rarely see a black or Hispanic activist out promoting abortion or the virtues of Planned Parenthood. In fact, an awful lot of blacks consider abortion a rich, white woman issue, and they consider such appeals made to black women as promoting “genocide.”

A couple of decades ago, the Philadelphia Inquirer ran an unsigned editorial suggesting that the wave of teenage pregnancies could be controlled by the then new birth control drug called Norplant, which was subdermally implanted in the upper arm and effective for 5 years. The two editors responsible for the editorial underwent a full Spanish Inquisition which included attacks from fellow columnists permitted by the then managing editor, hours of sensitivity re-education, and charges of genocidal racism hurled at them by a furious black community.

All of the outrage came from the left. I don’t recall even one Jewish liberal (pretty much a redundancy) coming to the editors’ defense. Not one thought it a good idea to distribute “free” Norplant to anyone, let alone black women.

Why is it that back in the 1950s when women had few choices of birth control, abortion was not a political issue? Does anyone remember Truman, Eisenhower, or Kennedy’s position on “reproductive rights”? No you cannot because none of them had a public position on the issue. Jack Kennedy’s Catholic religion was an issue, but amazingly if you think about it now, no one asked him where he stood on abortion. Yes, he said in his famous address to Protestant ministers that he would not be dictated to by his church on the matter of birth control, but he never said what he actually thought about it, and no one seemed interested in asking.

And then there’s his brother Ted, who was “pro-life” right up until the Supreme Court ruled in Roe v Wade, after which he became the chief mouthpiece for the abortion industry.

Which brings me to why Jews and other Democrats who rarely avail themselves of abortion are nonetheless obsessed with it. Abortion, like race and sexual orientation etc., is a powerful tool in organizing groups for the benefit of the Democratic Party. The civil rights movement, run mostly by religious leaders, used the injustices inflicted on black people for political purposes, and rightly so.

But politicians of other stripes observed the power wielded by the movement and realized they could use the same methods and weapons to mobilize lots of other groups. They particularly noticed that anyone who questioned the tactics of any civil rights leader could be bludgeoned into silence by the charge of racism. Hence was born a slew of isms: sexism, homophobism, ageism…

This is the modern, post-60s Democratic Party: a conglomeration of politically motivated, moral autocrats armed with and ever ready to deploy accusations of bigotry, in service to the Democratic Party.

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