Obama’s Full Ginsburg

Susan Rice

Why was the Obama administration so intent on purveying the story that the Libyan murders were a reaction to a YouTube video?

One reason is that the campaign thought they had dealt effectively with the foreign policy issue with the following spin: Iraq is over, Afghanistan is all but over, bin Laden is dead and al Qaeda is decimated. In other words, peace is at hand except for a few slightly annoying random terrorists who are “on the run” and easily foiled.

The Benghazi attack was one of those unforseen events that can really screw up a candidate’s “narrative.” Thus the attempt to depict the murders as a spontaneous demonstration that got out of hand.

What isn’t mentioned much is that the administration’s story fits in well with the modern day Democratic Party’s view of the world. This view was described best by Mark Steyn: There are no bad people, only good people whose grievances we have not yet accommodated.

According to this vision, every act of violence committed by foreigners against Americans is a reaction to America’s allegedly unjust behavior towards foreigners. The video that offended Muslims was created by an American; hence, the action of an American (who was conspicuously arrested on a trumped up charge) was the “root cause” of the atrocity.

And just about everyone got into the act. Obama went viral with his bowing and scraping routine on Letterman, at the U.N. and on The View. Hillary was besides herself with outrage at…the video maker.

But it was left to U.N. ambassador Susan Rice to do the Full Ginsburg (named after Monica Lewinsky’s attorney who was the first person to appear on all five Sunday talk shows on a single day) to put the issue to bed (at least until after election day). She doggedly stuck to her spontaneous-demonstration-inspired-by-an-insulting-video talking points despite the incredulous reaction of her liberal inquisitors.

The Democratic media is doing its best to keep the murders from sprouting legs. We will see whether Romney is able to force some clarity on the murders from Obama during Monday night’s debate, or whether Obama (with the help of Bob Schieffer) will be able to perpetuate this smoke and mirrors routine.

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