Earth to Krugman: The “Reconciliation Candidate” is Who?

Al Gore blamed it on the altitude; Bob Woodward on the “distraction” of some personal or secret national security issue.

But yesterday on ABC’s This Week, Paul Krugman excreted the most preposterous excuse of all for Obama’s debate thrashing at the hands of Mitt Romney- a man Obama reportedly believes is “unfit” to be President. This, of course, says little about Romney’s unsuitability for high office since Barry (and his band of idolators) considers no one, alive or dead, sufficiently suitable compared to himself.

But here’s Krugman’s apology for Obama’s amateurish debate performance:

…KRUGMAN: This is classic Obama. He really, really wants to be the president of national unity. He’s always wanted to be the reconciliation candidate and his instincts always in confrontations is to not go for the jugular but to go for the capillaries. He doesn’t — did the same thing in 2008. People forget just how weak his campaign was through August of 2008 when he just was refusing to make the obvious case against McCain and then he toughened up but also…

[George] STEPHANOPOULOS: In the debate he toughed up in 2008.

KRUGMAN: Because he needs to be — have his head against the wall.
So this was classic. This was him – this was the real Obama who does not like — he really wants to be a president of the whole nation. And he somehow has a hard time wrapping his mind around the necessity to take a tougher line.

Huh? Is this the same Obama who has sliced and diced the electorate into smaller and smaller special victims interest groups? Is this the cheap demagogue who sneers at “millionaires and billionaires,” also known as couples who earn $250 thousand a year?

Isn’t it much more likely that Obama chokes when, bereft of his teleprompter and without a friendly media toady running interference, he must go one-on-one with a live, sentient opponent?

Luckily, the no-nonsense Mary Matalin was also on the panel. Matalin takes special delight in going after puffed-up New York Times columnists. A few years ago, she demolished Georgetown diva Maureen Dowd by referring to her, on Meet the Press as “the social secretary to the smart set.” Dowd reacted with a stricken look and to my knowledge has avoided the Sunday talk show circuit ever since.

Yesterday, Matalin addressed the pompous Nobel Prize winner in Bush Bashing as “professor, doctor.” Only the Herr was missing:

…MARY MATALIN, REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST: Can I state the obvious here since we all have theories, the obvious is he didn’t bring his game because he doesn’t have a game. They have now blamed his performance on everything from strategic, he’s a unifier. That’s belied by his campaign calling Mitt Romney everything from a liar to a tax thief to a felon to a murderer to a dog abuser to a misogynist. This is one of the most negative campaigns in history. They blame Jim Lehrer…

Matalin understands that only credulous New York Times readers and those who worship at the graves of academia could possible take seriously a fraud like Krugman.

Krugman has been ensconced for a long time in the hermetically sealed echo chambers of the Times and Princeton, which is why he can utter obvious nonsense with such aplomb.

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