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The “Poor” Elderly and “Disabled”

The supposed bombshell that is Mitt Romney’s “inelegant” remarks last May about the 47% of “households” who pay no federal income taxes has caused critics across the political spectrum to highlight the fact that many of those 47 percenters are “elderly.”

Apparently, being “elderly,” and I am, has entered the lexicon along with “children” as a great rhetorical weapon in the entitlement war. The “elderly” connotes the image of frail, pennyless grandmothers and grandfathers eating dog food out of a can.

But according to an analysis by the non-conservative Pew Research Center:

The wealth gap today between younger and older Americans now stands as the widest on record. The median net worth of households headed by someone 65 or older is $170,494, 42 percent higher than in 1984, while the median net worth for younger-age households is $3,662, down 68 percent from a quarter century ago [My emphasis]…

Please spare us the demagoguery about the poor elderly.

There is also the little matter of the explosion of folks on Social Security disability:

Has the recession really caused more people to become disabled? If you believe that, well…

Romney may have committed a gaffe, that is, blurted out the truth, but the fact that a majority of Americans get more back from the government than they put in is representation without taxation. Yes, rich “elderly” folks paid into Social Security and Medicare and thus are entitled (that word again) to reap the benefits, but look at how much more people receive from Medicare than they pay in:

Clearly Obama and the Democrats benefit from such large numbers of “dependent” voters.

It may be too much to ask of politicians, but Romney and Ryan owe the country an honest debate on this even if the truth is the last thing a lot of people want to hear.

And Now They Will Be Punished

I was away during the party conventions, but I hear that the Democratic convention was mostly a series of dire warnings about the racism, homophobia, and misogyny which will surely descend on America if Barack Obama isn’t re-elected. Blacks would be encumbered with chains, gays would be “in the closet,” and last but not least- women would be forced to practice the rhythm method, endure back street abortions and “legitimate rape.”

Given that the Obamafied Democratic Party is a collection of victim groups, it would not be unreasonable to conclude that all future Democratic presidential nominees will have to be either black, gay, Hispanic, female or all of the above. White, heterosexual men need not apply (and certainly not “white Hispanics”), whose nomination would be proclaimed as a return to our supposedly shameful past.

Having been endorsed by the media as one of our greatest Secretaries of State, Hillary is next in line, despite having accomplished nothing more than carrying out her boss’s policy of bowing, scraping and apologizing to the world’s autocrats and thugs.

While away, I read most of our Dear Leader’s “autobiography.” Some have claimed that Bill Ayers was Obama’s ghost writer. I haven’t read Ayers’ work, but Obama’s writing is so sophomoric that I doubt he needed a ghostwriter. Anybody, after reading this book who thinks Obama isn’t a stone left-winger is delusional. Race, white racism, and European colonialism are his obsessions.

But no matter. Apparently, almost every member of our certified victim groups is willing to ignore Obama’s obvious failures and is enthusiastically buying into his campaign of resentment and envy. And even the few Americans left who do not see themselves as victims of American racism etc. still get a good jolt of self-righteousness in voting for a “victim” who nonetheless attended a posh prep school and was admitted to elite colleges and Harvard Law School through “affirmative action.” Is this a great country or what?

If Obama wins, I hope he gets a working majority in Congress. My feeling is: Let the Democrats do their worst, which will be to spend money we do not have until the whole thing collapses (See California and Europe).

As H.L. Mencken wrote: “Democracy is the theory that the people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard.” Or as Ed Koch observed when he lost re-election as mayor of New York: “The people have made their choice and now they must be punished.”