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Joe Makes Barry Look Good

Why would Obama keep an embarrassing blowhard like Joe Biden on the ticket? Joseph Epstein has the answer in today’s Wall Street Journal:

With Democrats wondering whether President Obama should keep Joe Biden as his running mate, and some of them even suggesting Hillary Clinton as his replacement, I’m already beginning to miss the vice president. Mr. Biden, after all, supplies comic relief, a thing always in great need and inevitably in short supply in American politics. He is the only politician in recent years whose every utterance isn’t predictable. Joe Biden himself must often be astonished at what comes out of his mouth.

The hair-plugs, the shysterish suits, the wiseguy demeanor, the low-grade lawyerly confidence of utterance, it’s a grand show the vice president puts on. The first clue we had of Mr. Biden’s quality was the long, lost Anita Hill weekend, back in 1991 during the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court confirmation hearings. As chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he displayed his talent for asking all the wrong, which is to say so many of the embarrassing, questions. It was the way he asked them—with that smirky certainty of his own unproved astuteness—that is signature Joe Biden…

Why would Barack Obama want Joe Biden for his vice president? The two men don’t seem particularly close. They share few common interests, and have very different temperaments. Mr. Biden is not likely to bring in votes Obama could not win himself, or be a crucial factor in any of the swing states.

What Mr. Biden does provide is contrast for the president. Alongside Mr. Biden, the president becomes what is known as “a contrast gainer.” Next to Mr. Biden, in other words, Mr. Obama looks earnest, serious, deep, a statesman. Not just any politician could provide that service, but the Honorable Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. does so magnificently.

Brother Joe From Da Hood

Crazy Joe is at it again, but I wonder whether this time he isn’t so crazy. What he is doing is accusing the Republicans of wanting to return black folks to slavery. He was speaking from a teleprompter in front of a mostly black audience. Was this merely a case of demented old Joe straying off message?

I suspect that this plays well with a majority of black voters which is probably why the Obama campaign says they’re “down with it.”

Let me be the first to declare Joe the first black vice president. A few years ago he described Obama as “clean and articulate,” and now he’s talkin’ like a brother.

It’s like the old Dick Gregory observation about the late Michael Jackson: Where else but in America can a poor black boy grow up to become a rich white man?

Only in America can a poor white Irish-American kid from Scranton grow up to become the first black Vice President of the United States.

Is this a great country or what?

California, Here We Come!

Does not include 2010 and 2011: It got worse.

Here is why the Democrats have a big advantage nowadays: 51% of Americans pay no federal income tax. Actually it is worse than that according to an article in the non-conservative Atlantic Monthly:

Half of American tax payers owe no federal income tax, and most of those filers actually net tax benefits from federal income taxes, according to analysis from the Joint Committee on Taxation…

Yes, they do pay taxes, just not the taxes that pay for the military, roads and bridges, and Department of Education bureaucrats:

The majority of households who pay no income tax still pay net taxes to the IRS. Federal income taxes account for about 40 percent of total government receipts. Most of the rest comes from payroll taxes, which workers of all income levels do pay. Since every dollar up to $106,800 is subject to taxes, a typical middle class family pays payroll taxes on all its income while a millionaire employee pays payroll taxes on only a tenth of his income.

Fine, but payroll taxes pay for Social Security and Medicare, not bridges and roads and bureaucrats. And the average person gets back from Medicare and Social Security much more than he or she puts in. But as I said, it gets worse.

From the Wall Street Journal:

… As the Tax Foundation explains in a recent report based on CBO data: “The top 20 percent of households pay 94 percent of federal income taxes. The bottom 40 percent have a negative income tax rate, and the middle quintile pays close to zero.”…

The American colonists declared their independence from Britain because they were being taxed without representation. What is worse and more dangerous is where we are now: Representation without Taxation. That means that it is in the interest of a large majority of Americans to vote for politicians who will raise taxes on the minority.

So, it is that 50 to 60 percent of non-tax and negative tax payers Obama is appealing to. Perhaps the appeal will work in November, but as Mrs. Thatcher said, you eventually run out of other people’s money.

It will be interesting to see what happens when, as is likely, California comes begging in the near future for a bailout. Will all those former Californians who fled to Texas and other low tax states willingly agree to keep their former friends and neighbors in the style to which they have irresponsibly become accustomed?

Magical Medicare Thinking

I just watched the egregious Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (DWS), a top Obama mouthpiece, on one of the Sunday talk shows. She excreted the claim that the Affordable Care Act- aka, Obamacare- extends the life of Medicare by 8 years.

You call that an argument?

On another talk show, the equally, if not more, egregious Rachel Maddow did not deny that the aforementioned Affordable Care Act takes 700 billion dollars out of Medicare over 10 years, something the putatively draconian Ryan Plan does not to do for anyone currently 55 and older.

I am sure there is an Obama mouthpiece out there who can explain how you take lots of money out of Medicare, pour it into Medicaid to insure the mostly young and healthy (who would rather not buy insurance) while simultaneously keeping Medicare from going broke, but I guess that person was on vacation this Sunday. Perhaps that person was deputy Obama campaign manager Stephanie Cutter who was abruptly yanked from one of the Sunday shows after having been caught in a lie about her knowledge of bereaved widower Joe Soptic’s wife who, as we now all know, was murdered by Mitt Romney and the thugs at Bain Capital.

But I digress. I guess it is progress when DWS brags that Obamacare keeps Medicare going for only 8 years even if that number is in dispute.

Notice the number is a multiple of 4. It’s not 5, 6,7, 9 or 11 years. Yes, I know I’m a terrible cynic, but is it possible the plan is designed (at least on paper, if not in the real world) to see Barry safely through his second term and past the election of Hillary as his successor?

Just asking.

It’s like the Woody Allen line: I’m not afraid of dying; I just don’t want to be there when it happens.

The Have You No Decency Zone

Can the Obama campaign sink any lower than the ad charging Mitt Romney with causing the death of a cancer victim? I thought the worst stuff would be held back until the weekend before election day, but what do I know? I’m not from Chicago, and I never met David Axelrod.

The more interesting question is if and when the Democratic media will ever concede that the Obama folks have entered the “Have You No Sense of Decency?” zone. That quoted line was famously spoken in 1954 by Joseph Welsh, the head counsel for the United States Army while it was under investigation by Joseph McCarthy’s Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations for Communist activities, an investigation known as the Army–McCarthy hearings. The exchange between Welsh and McCarthy is generally believed to have been the single event that ended McCarthy’s credibilty and career.

And all McCarthy did to elicit Welsh’s morally outraged response was to accuse a member of Welsh’s law firm of having had vague ties to a Communist front organization when he was a law student. McCarthy’s accusation wasn’t pretty, but it was light years short of accusing someone of murder, which is, in effect, what the Obama folks have done to Romney.

To be sure, a few of the Democratic media have registered shock and awe over the ad, CNN for one, but it remains to be seen whether this monstrosity has legs. Meanwhile, the Obama mouthpieces (Jay Carney, Robert Gibbs) have got their stories coordinated: We had nothing to do with the ad and we know nothing about the dead woman’s situation.

Except: Back in May, one Stephanie Cutter, deputy Obama campaign director, participated in a conference call with the victim’s husband, during which he told the same story he tells in the ad about how Romney and Bain Capital killed his wife. The other day Cutter denied being aware of the husband’s story.

In other words, Cutter is a liar.

I could go on with the many curious details of the bereaved husband’s relationship with the Obama campaign which raise a lot of questions about whether the Obama campaign team is working hand-in-glove with the “super-pac” responsible for the ad. Oh, and did I mention that such coordination is illegal? Nevermind!

The Democratic media never misses a chance to refer indignantly to Bush 41’s notorious Willy Horton ad which simply pointed out that Michael Dukakis, when he was the Massachusetts governor, had released a convicted murderer on a weekend leave during which he committed armed robbery and rape. Nor do they miss a chance to dredge up the “swift boating” of John Kerry which was undertaken by former Vietnam vets who were understandably angry with Kerry who, after serving just 4 months in Vietnam, testified before Congress during which he trashed the war effort while troops were still engaged in battle and John McCain was being tortured at the “Hanoi Hilton.” On the other hand, you rarely hear about the NAACP ad that accused Bush 43 of lynching a black man.

My guess is the Democratic media will, if they haven’t already, shut this story down. Still, you can’t help but wonder what “rough beast” Obama and Axelrod have set “slouching towards Bethlehem to be born.”