President Farbisener

Is this man likeable?

Barack Obama is campaigning as an angry black guy, a 21st century version of Stokely Carmichael and H. Rap Brown (minus the beret and dark glasses). He has thus adopted a version of the Black Panther/Malcolm X supercilious sneer, and has even taken to using Southern black locutions which he definitely did not pick up during his Hawaiian, Indonesian upbringing.

Is this working for him? Back in 1964, Barry Goldwater ran for president as an angry conservative, and we all (that is, those of us old or informed enough to know who Goldwater was) know how that turned out. Much later, liberals rehabilitated Goldwater,once he was safely in retirement, as a loveable, if eccentric, old coot, .

The lesson of Goldwater’s campaign was that Americans don’t vote for angry presidential candidates, which is the reason that conservatives turned to happy, optimistic Reagan the next time they got the chance to nominate a conservative.

I have a hard time reconciling Obama’s supposedly high “likeability” numbers with his Herr Farbisener routine. I believe those numbers are misleading due to the documented fact (ignored by the politically correct media) that nowadays people flinch instinctively when asked whether or not they “like” a black person.

Obama’s divisive, bitter campaign (which will only get more divisive and bitter) raises a question that no one wants to confront: Should Obama lose, will we witness a new American phenomenon – the fall riot season, complete with traditional looting, burning and targeting of Jewish and Asian businesses?

Yes, I know this is all racist fear mongering on my part, but liberals should contemplate their candidate’s bitter, sneering persona and think about the possible consequences.

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