Waiting For Zimmerman

I don’t like to make predictions for the obvious reason that I don’t like being wrong. But this is going to be a springtime of waiting: for the Supreme Court to decide the constitutionality of Obamacare and for the trial of George Zimmerman for the second degree murder of Trayvon Martin.

So while I am waiting with nothing else to do, I will go out on a limb and predict that the trial of George Zimmerman will never take place. The reason: the Obama administration, the state of Florida, and the town of Sanford want a trial like they want stage 4 cancer.

Yes, the Obama administration is not averse to playing the race card and the hardcore Democratic base enjoys the occasional racial morality play followed by a figurative or literal pogrom against white (and “white Hispanic”) people. But the problem for Obama is that there is only so much the rest of us can take of Al Sharpton in full indignation mode. He and his Greek chorus of “No Justice, No Peace” chanters tend to rev up the non-Democratic base and not in a good way for Obama and the Democratic Party.

And do the words Rodney King ever enter the minds of Sanford’s city fathers (or mothers) and the Republican governor of Florida? So I would guess that all of the politicians have already agreed that a trial cannot take place. Now the trick is to get the other players in line. I’d bet that the negotiations are going on as I write.

First is Trayvon’s parents. I mean no disrespect when I say that a lot of money will have to be available in order to get them on board. Like any other parents, they would, I am sure, give anything to have their son back; but like most people, a large sum of money deposited in an account with their names on it would help to ease their grief. This money will have to come from the governments (and taxpayers) involved since George Zimmerman is apparently bereft of deep pockets.

Second is Zimmerman. He might demand a trial to clear his name, assuming his claim of self-defense is true. But clearing his name is now a dream made impossible by the national media and the racial hucksters. He must know that he will never walk out of the court house a “free man” even if acquitted, not as long as Al Sharpton, Spike Lee and the “New Black Panthers” have any say in the matter and they certainly do. The best that Zimmerman can hope for is a life akin to being in the witness protection program: a new identity and a new home in an “undisclosed location” for the long foreseeable future.

Since Zimmerman cannot receive a fair trial, he will, I believe, agree to plead guilty to a degree of manslaughter, but will not serve a sentence in any prison. He will be confined to a safe house in a secret location after which he will live many years under government protection with a new name and new government issued identity documents. I suspect he will receive a significant sum of money (“living expenses”) to go along with this.

And finally, Eric Holder (and his boss) will urge his good “friend” Al Sharpton to forgo his usual threat to bring back the summer riot season those of us old enough to have been around in the 60’s and 70’s remember so well. Perhaps a few taxpayer dollars can be funneled to Reverend Al’s National Action Network (No Justice, No Peace).

All in a day’s work, here in politically correct America.

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