Breast Cancer and MS. Have They No Shame?

Are there no limits to how low Democrats will stoop in order to re-elect their Dear Leader?

A few weeks back I wrote the following:

…then there’s the 800 pound gorilla for feminists: the caring for infants and small children. In my experience, there are some women who hate and resent having to care for their children and cannot wait until they drop the little buggers off at “day care” and get back to the really interesting stuff like sucking up to customers, clients and bosses. I think women like that really ought to forgo motherhood.

But there are others who just love being with their babies and toddlers and do not mind at all changing their diapers and seeing to all of their other needs. These women, if and when they have to return to work, often suffer from real separation anxiety and depression.

Of course, their suffering is something the movement types would prefer not to discuss. It just isn’t a woman’s “health issue” like birth control and abortion. No, the movement types want to concentrate on getting the taxpayers to pay for the squirt’s day care so the woman can get back to the place where, they proclaim, she really wants to be: the office.

Now we have one Hilary Rosen, a “Democratic strategist” with close ties to the Obama campaign, attacking Mitt Romney’s wife, a cancer survivor and MS victim, for choosing to forgo a career in favor of giving birth to and raising five children.

Feminists, as we know, reflexively despise women who have that many children and when you add to that Mrs. Romney’s being a “stay-at-home mom,” you get the picture: She is an un-liberated Stepford Wife who is rich enough to stay home. Democrats find embarrassing the many less-than-rich women who make do without a second income because they consider being with their children more important than material things and feminist ideology.

In the 2008 campaign, left wing women attacked Sarah Palin for her fecundity and especially for her refusing to abort a Down’s Syndrome child. Yet, they had some trouble rationalizing Palin’s successful politcal career which she achieved without the help of a rich, influential father or husband, unlike some Democratic women I could mention.

Still, you have to admire the Democrats’ chutzpah in thinking they can attack a breast cancer and MS victim with impunity. Sorry, but I can’t help wonder what would happen if a Republican attacked a similarly afflicted Democratic woman.

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