Time For Another Race Conversation?

The Enabler

If I didn’t know better, I would think NBC’s David Gregory was working for the Obama campaign. Not only did David devote almost the entire hour of today’s Meet the Press to the Trayvon Martin case, but he even went so far as to suggest to Obama campaign genius David Plouffe that the president “lead a national conversation on race.”

Now, there’s a new idea! Seems to me we have had innumerable such conversations dating back to the 1967 Koerner Commission that investigated the cause of the then ubiquitous summer race riots. And didn’t Obama himself kick off such a conversation in his famous race speech during the 2008 campaign which rationalized why he had been a member of a racist church for two decades by throwing his white grandmother “under the bus”?

It’s not like Obama needed any encouragement to start such a conversation. Just the other day, in response to an obviously planted question about the Trayvon case, he urged that we (but obviously not he) all “do some soul searching.”

For those of you who have forgotten the last excruciatingly politically correct race conversation, here’s how it goes: A very angry group of self-appointed “black leaders” sit down with a bunch of guilt ridden, sado-masochistic white liberals who beg to be humiliated before they are publicly tarred and feathered.

Believe me: the president needs no advice on when or where to play the race card. And he can certainly count on Al Sharpton and his media enablers to keep the Trayvon case going until November.

Gas prices, the XL pipeline, Iran, 8% unemployment? Not while we’re talkin’ race!

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