Dee Dee From The ‘Hood

Dee Dee from the 'hood

I am addicted to the Sunday political talk shows. My favorite is the BBC (Barak Broadcasting Company), otherwise known as NBC, show Meet The Press, hosted by the egregious David Gregory, a vigorous pusher of Democratic talking points. Gregory’s singular achievement in that regard was his relentless but unsuccessful hounding of John Boehner to denounce the handful of people who believed Obama was born outside the United States, otherwise known as birthers. Gregory never, to my knowledge, ever challenged any Democratic politician to denounce the many leftists who also believe loony things, like those who swear 9/11 was an “inside job,” to take only one example among many.

Yesterday, Gregory harped on Rick Santorum’s alleged dissing of Obama’s “religious faith.” What Santorum actually meant is that Obama’s devotion to left wing ideology is almost religious in its fervor; he was not talking about Obama’s actual religion. No matter. Gregory allowed Obama spinmeister Robert Gibbs to display the customary fake outrage while demanding that Santorum apologize for “crossing the line.”

You’d think Santorum would know better than to use the words Obama and religion in the same sentence which is almost as bad as using the phrase “Jeremiah Wright” or the word “cling” in the same sentence as religion and guns. Whatever.

Meanwhile, nobody on Meet the Press was ready to get all judgmental over Obama’s 24/7 envy and resentment campaign. Former Clinton spinmeistress Dee Dee Myers carefully enunciated the Obama campaign’s central doctrine: that hard working Americans who “play by the rules” believe the system is “rigged against them” in favor of “the rich.” Ms. Myers affirmed the correctness of this belief and added, “Unless you believe the rich “are smarter than the rest of us.”

Putting aside whether or not Obama and his media minions might have something to do with this allegedly wide spread belief, I was quite moved by Dee Dee’s implication that she, despite being a well-connected political consultant for something called the Glover Park Group as well as a best selling authoress and a former counsultant to the mega-hit TV show West Wing, dwelled among “the rest of us.”

Memo to Dee Dee: Except for those lucky enough to have inheritied a lot of money and are currently clipping coupons on the beaches of St. Bart, “the rich” are smarter, are more ambitious, are more talented, and/or are more willing to take risks than “the rest of us.” But I suspect Dee Dee already knows that since I doubt she hangs out much with “the rest of us” whom she is trying to convince to vote for Democrats who will then take away some of the rich’s ill-gotten gains and re-distribute it to “the rest of us.”

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