Lefties Love Lucy

Judge Lucy

At last, the ever so politically correct Michael Bloomberg has allowed the police to clear out the Occupy Wall Street vagrants.

John Podhoretz describes the conflict between common sense and leftism:

…in the finest tradition of New York leftism, Occupiers went judge-shopping [after their eviction] —plaintiffs in New York city and state courtrooms have a wondrous ability to find themselves ideologically compatible judges—and found themselves a doozy to issue a temporary restraining order—which was sort of pointless, since the clearance of the park had already taken place and since the Bloomberg administration, playing a rare game of hardball, made it clear immediately afterward that they would simply keep the park empty if that was how the judge was going to play it. The judge’s name is Lucy Billings, and here is what she said of herself in 2009:

“Justice Lucy Billings prepared for the Supreme Court as a lawyer for 25 years at the ACLU National Headquarters and as Litigation Director in Legal Services, handling complex civil rights litigation to enforce new rights for minority, disabled, and low-income persons. She forged new legal remedies by litigating issues not previously addressed in housing, environmental justice, including preventing lead poisoning, public health, child welfare, education, and employment.” As a judge, she praised herself for “recognizing same sex marriages, finding new avenues for recovery by injured construction workers and pothole victims, reforming the standards and procedures for issuing business licenses and granting and revoking parole, and ridding the public markets of corruption and unsanitary conditions.”

Evidently, “ridding the public markets of unsanitary conditions” does not extend to ridding Lower Manhattan of a breeding ground for tuberculosis and other maladies.

The most amusing aspect of the moves made against these encampments in New York, Oakland, Denver and other places is that they are all governed by mayors who desperately wanted not to act but did so because the situation became intolerable. If they had moved to prevent the encampments in the first place—if they had been brave about maintaining public order, in other words—they would not face the whirlwind of criticism that is overtaking them now.

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