Mormons: The Safe Target For Liberals

You gotta love it when liberals trash a religion whose adherents, they know, will not fight back with threats of violence, riot and murder. Take the big Broadway hit The Book of Mormon by the self-consciously iconoclastic creators of the TV show South Park.

I have seen neither the TV show nor the hit musical, but I did catch a bit of a 60 Minutes interview with the now very rich “Mormon” authors Matt Stone and Trey Parker who responded No to the question: Is there any target you will not ridicule?

I am told that Stone and Parker have made fun of Muslims on South Park.OK, but I seriously doubt they would write a lavish Broadway musical devoted almost exclusively to making fun of Islam. And does anyone think investors would have the nerve to invest money in such a show or allow it to be performed in their theater?

I don’t know much about Mormonism, but I am certain that brave souls like Stone and Parker know they have nothing to fear from Mormons. And the same for the intrepid New York Times’ columnist Maureen Dowd who uncritically quotes the oleaginously odious Bill Maher:

At an appearance at George Washington University here Saturday night, Bill Maher bounded into territory that the news media have been gingerly tiptoeing around.

Magic underwear. Baptizing dead people. Celestial marriages. Private planets. Racism. Polygamy.

“By any standard, Mormonism is more ridiculous than any other religion,” asserted the famously nonbelieving comic who skewered the “fairy tales” of several faiths in his documentary “Religulous.” “It’s a religion founded on the idea of polygamy. They call it The Principle. That sounds like The Prime Directive in ‘Star Trek.’ ”…

I am waiting for Stone, Parker, Maher and Dowd to show the same “courage” by ridiculing the even more ridiculous beliefs and, more importantly, the violent and oppressive practices of Muslims.

I won’t hold my breath.

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