Yes, He Got No Vaginas

It’s tragic: Amateur gynecologist Andrew Sullivan has, as a result of Sarah Palin’s decision not to run for president, promised to cease and desist from Trig trutherism. Thanks for the laughs, Andrew.

For those of you who like to obsess over right wing nut jobs who think Barry was born abroad or who believe in “creationism” or who are stupid enough to be just a tiny bit skeptical about man made global warming, Trig truthers, of whom Sullivan has been the most prominent, assert that Palin’s youngest son is really her daughter’s child.

Sullivan used to be considered a somewhat serious journalist until, some think, Sarah Palin mysteriously bewitched him and precipitated his transformation into a mirror image of those right wing racists and conspiracy maniacs the left likes to say make up the Tea Party.

Well, you can get the flavor of Sullivan’s derangement symptoms from his Trig Truther retirement post:

…This meme on the right – simply equating genuine, real, empirical questions about the insane stories made up by Palin about her last pregnancy with some kind of creepy fascination with vaginas – is one more dodge from the Palin partisans. Trust me: I am the last man on the Internet with an interest in gynecology. I am, however, duty bound, as I see it, to say when a leading politician is saying something obviously nuts or, at the very least, wildly implausible, and asking for empirical proof. That used to be called journalism, until “deference” became the norm.

There are many individuals in the world nutty enough to make up stories about pregnancies, and this blog covers none of them. Indeed, I couldn’t care less if someone capable of such a thing walks around in a free country. All I ever cared about was that someone who was incapable of understanding reality, who was, in my view, clinically disturbed, intellectually incapable and emotionally crippled, should not be foisted on the world as a potential US president because John McCain had a temper tantrum.

The record shows I had an open mind in the first blissfully data-free minutes I absorbed her candidacy. I had no desire to spend hours on a story out of a movie-of-the-week. But as a blogger, I owe my readers honesty. I could not disguise the fact that I did not believe her on Trig, and that if the worst were true, we had a fullscale nutjob potentially in line for global power. What was I supposed to do? I took a day off when it dawned on me I shouldn’t lie, and yet knew I would be pilloried for airing the question. That day off was entirely my own choice, and I used it to try and think skeptically about what was in my head and to pray for the right response. The obloquy and ridicule from my fellow hacks was close to universal, and I put awful strains on my colleagues at the Dish. The only reason I did this was that I simply didn’t believe her. None of it made sense to me. I regard it as a sacred rule of this blog that I will not bullshit you. So I didn’t. Fuck the consequences.

According to Andrew: He took a day off during which he prayed and then prayed again. He concluded from this day of agonizing self examination in the wilderness that he must go forth and endure the slings, arrows (not to mention ridicule) hurled at him by the sentient community in order to save the civilized world from…Sarah Palin?

“Mission, as they say accomplished,” Sullivan writes. True, but not the mission he imagines. He has succeeded magnificently in making a complete ass of himself.

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