The “Exceptional” 43%

I hate to spoil your 9/11 interfaith, reach-out-and-touch-a-Muslim brunch with the results of a very recent Pew Research Center poll, but…

Pew finds :

that a majority of Muslims in several Middle Eastern countries believe that the Sept. 11 attacks were not carried out by Arabs. The report, titled “Muslim-Western Tensions Persist,” sought to investigate public attitudes about the relationship between the two global communities.

For the portion of the survey related to the Sept. 11 attacks, responses were gathered from Muslims in Egypt, Turkey, the Palestinian territories, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Indonesia and Pakistan. A majority of Muslim respondents in each of these countries said they did not believe the 9/11 attacks were carried out by Arabs, the highest rate being in Egypt where 75 percent of Muslims said they did not believe that Arabs were responsible, closely followed by 73 percent of Muslim respondents in Turkey.

No more than 28 percent of Muslim respondents in any of these countries said they accept that the attack was carried out by Arabs, something seen as an inarguable fact in the United States and other Western nations…

New York Post

If that weren’t bad enough (and putting aside that a lot of Democrats (35%) think 9/11 was an inside job), Pew now says:

…[Pew’s] Findings revealed a larger proportion of Americans now believing that the attacks may have been motivated by the US having done things “wrong in its dealings with other countries”, with 43% holding this view, opposed to 45% believing that US policies did not play any part in leading to the attacks. In 2001, 55% of Americans rejected that the attacks could have been inspired by US wrongdoing to thirty-three percent who believed that US actions were a factor…

You might expect ignorant Arabs living under oppressive rule and a medieval religion to believe the nonsense fed to them by their media, schools, and clergy; but how to explain the beliefs of almost half of your friends and neighbors right here in America, most of whom have had the benefit of an outrageously expensive education?

There is no way that very many, if any, of the 43% of Americans who blame their own country for 9/11 are Bible thumpers who think there are some “gaps” in Darwin’s theory of evolution, and/or are skeptical of man-made global warming, and /or do not think there is anything in the Constitution about a woman’s “right to choose” an abortion.

Still, the recipients of that expensive education or, to be specific, the immaculately politically correct views that education instills, believe that America made “them” do it. To the educated classes, belief that America did 9/11 to herself is preferable to the evangelicals’ belief that disasters are God’s punishment for our sins. In both cases, a good deal of blind faith is required.

In the world of the sophisticated 43%, there are, as Mark Steyn has noted, no bad people, only good people whose grievances we have not yet accommodated.

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