Proud But Dead Jews

New York Times columnist Roger Cohen is a British Jew who has made a reputation for himself by apologizing for Muslims and trashing both Israel and her supporters.

Cohen’s last big columnistic campaign was to convince the world that those of us who considered Iran’s mullahcracy dangerous and evil were deluded. He kept telling us that right up until the mullahs began shooting unarmed protesters in the streets of Tehran.

Any normal person might have paused and taken stock before going off on another campaign that is bound to seem counter-intuitive to the common sense community. But Cohen works for the allegedly august New York Times and timespersons never take stock even after making complete asses of themselves (see Maureen Dowd and Tom Friedman, not to mention Paul Krugman).

Roger’s latest foray into illogical, French-style intellectualism so beloved of left wingers the world over is to blame Israel and its supporters for what he accurately calls “a ferocious anti-Zionism of the left” (the main non-Muslim anti-Semitism existing nowadays):

From left-wing blog Daily Kos

…Jewish identity is an intricate subject and quest. In America, because I’ve criticized Israel and particularly its self-defeating expansion of settlements in the West Bank, I was, to self-styled “real Jews,” not Jewish enough, or even — join the club — a self-hating Jew. In Britain I find myself exasperated by the muted, muffled way of being a Jew. Get some pride, an inner voice says, speak up!

But it’s complicated. Britain, with its almost 300,000 Jews and more than two million Muslims, is caught in wider currents — of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and political Islam. Traditionally, England’s genteel anti-Semitism has been more of the British establishment than the British working class, whereas anti-Muslim sentiment has been more working-class than establishment.

Now a ferocious anti-Zionism of the left — the kind that has called for academic boycotts of Israel — has joined the mix, as has some Muslim [my addition: Some??] anti-Semitism. [My warning: moral equivalency ahead!] Meanwhile Islamophobia has been fanned by the rightist fabrication of the “Eurabia” specter — the fantasy of a Muslim takeover that sent Anders Breivik on his Norwegian killing spree and feeds far-right European and American bigotry [my addition: This is akin to the Paul Krugman assertion that Sarah Palin caused Jared Loughner to shoot Gabrielle Giffords].

Where then should a Jew in Britain who wants to speak up stand? Not with the Knesset members who have met in Israel with European rightists like Filip Dewinter of Belgium in the grotesque belief that they are Israel’s allies because they hate Muslims. Not with the likes of the Jewish writer Melanie Phillips, whose book “Londonistan” is a reference for the Islamophobes. Nor with those who, ignoring sinister historical echoes, propose ostracizing Israeli academics and embrace an anti-Zionism that flirts with anti-Semitism.

Perhaps a good starting point is a parallel pointed out to me by Maleiha Malik, a professor of law at King’s College London. A century ago, during the Sidney Street siege of 1911, it was the Jews of London’s East End who, cast as Bolsheviks, were said to be “alien extremists.” Winston Churchill, no less, argued in 1920 that Jews were part of a “worldwide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development.”

The lesson is clear: Jews, with their history, cannot become the systematic oppressors of another people. They must be vociferous in their insistence that continued colonization of Palestinians in the West Bank will increase Israel’s isolation and ultimately its vulnerability…

So it isn’t the Islamists and their bien pensant, leftist fellow travelers who are to blame for the Jew hatred raging among the “best and brightest” in Europe and on American university campuses. No, it’s Israel’s “continued colonization of Palestinians” and the warnings of brave journalists like Melanie Phillips and Mark Steyn who do no more than point out the obvious.

Cohen urges Jews to “get some pride and speak up,” by which he clearly means Jews should appease their enemies, slime their friends, and then commit suicide. They’ll be dead, but at least they’ll be proud.

Another example, in Orwell’s words, of an idea so stupid only an intellectual could believe it.

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