Now That Wasn’t So Difficult, Was It?


According to the New York Times , Obama released the “long form” document because he wished to “to end the ‘silliness’ that was distracting from the serious issues facing the country.”

Of course, he could’ve ended the silliness years ago when it was initially raised by Hillary supporters, as reported by Politico a few days ago. My take is that he didn’t end the silliness because he thought it was helping him politically by making his critics look kooky. He ended the silliness now because polls showed a large number of people thought he may have been “foreign born.” In other words, he calculated that the issue may have been hurting him more than his opponents.

This shows a disturbing aspect of Obama’s character. Like when he denounced Jeremiah Wright only after his “mentor” attacked him personally, Obama decided to end the birtherism “silliness” only when it appeared that it may have been hurting him, not the country.

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