Where Have You Gone, 007?

Tony Blair with the mass murderer

London Mayor Boris Johnson revisits the Lockerbie Bombing and shows us why we need not only to overthrow Gaddafi , but also to bring him to justice for the Lockerbie atrocity:

…the bomb punched a hole 20 inches wide in the left-hand side of the fuselage, just below the P in Pan Am. Shock waves rebounded from the skin of the hull, jolting passengers in their seats. Within seconds, the front of the Jumbo – cockpit and first-class lounge – had begun to break away. The third engine snapped off. As the disintegrating plane began to plunge, tornado-force winds roared through the cabin, ripping the clothes off people and hurling the cabin crew to the back. The human beings began to black out in the rarefied air of the troposphere. As the gases expanded fourfold in their bodies, their lungs swelled and collapsed; and yet forensic investigators believe that of the 270 victims of Lockerbie, 147 were alive and perhaps even conscious – revived by the oxygen-rich lower air – when they hit the ground. One man was found with his hand clutching the grass.

Think of the last two minutes of those innocent people – most of them returning home for Christmas – when you contemplate what is happening in Libya, where the authorities finally admitted responsibility for Lockerbie in 2003…

We knew that [Gaddafi’s] security forces had been involved in the killing of hundreds of innocent people. We knew that he had probably ordered the mass murder himself. We knew that he was a psychopathic, unelected dictator with no regard for human rights, and yet we so lusted after his oil that after a while we abandoned our sanctions and we betrayed the victims of Lockerbie. We allowed the Labour PM to slobber over him in a tent, we gave his son some absurd degree and, most sickeningly of all, under Gordon Brown the legal process was subverted and the Lockerbie bomber went back in triumph to Tripoli. The British state, or rather the Labour government, engaged in an act of deep moral corruption.

The world knows it and Gaddafi knows it. How he must sneer at our confusion and laugh at our weakness. No wonder he is so determined to fight to the last bullet: we sold out our principles last time. If Gaddafi hangs on he has every reason to believe that the British will allow a decent interval to pass since the massacres – and then bit by bit we will sell out our principles and begin the process of sucking up to him again. Where is 007 when you need him?

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