Where’s My Hate Israel Fix?

Robin Shepherd on the worst thing about the Middle East revolutions:

One of the most noteworthy consequences of the current wave of protests and revolutions across the Arab world is that when you click on the Middle East section of the BBC website something extraordinary happens: you are no longer bombarded, headline by headline, subsection by subsection with a once familar word: “Israel”.

I swear it. It’s Wednesday March 2. It’s midday. And I’m looking at the BBC website. Where’s my fix?

Over at the Guardian it’s even worse. I’m on Comment is Free. I’ve typed “Israel” into the search facility. Here’s the response: “No matches found”! This is the Guardian for goodness’ sake: a paper that, according to its own figures, printed 258 comment pieces on Israel last year, and more than 1,000 overall – about three a day. As the estimable media monitoring organisation Just Journalism pointed out, this makes for some “interesting” comparisons with conflict zones accounting for hundreds of thousands of casualties such as Congo (124 items overall) and Sudan (121).

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