After You, My Dear Alphonse

Last night, Barry delivered a State of Denial Address. The Republicans don’t deny reality, but they refuse to get really specific about what to do about the coming deficit and debt disaster. Barry and the Republicans are doing a not-so-funny Alphonse and Gaston act which will play out in the coming months.

Meanwhile, a few Democrats deserve credit for biting the bullet.

Retiring Senator Kent Conrad on ABC’s This Week:

…You know, it’s very interesting. What I hear all across my state are three words: Enough is enough. When you put together TARP, of course, which was done under the Bush administration, but it sort of all runs into the same reaction by people, and you add stimulus, and the auto bailout, and the health care bill, it just struck people that there was too much coming from the federal government, and so people wanted to make a change…

Also The Washington Post’s editorial board:

…Now that the bipartisan commission has reported, but Mr. Obama didn’t fully endorse any of its recommendations. To the contrary, he promised more jobs for teachers and construction workers. He warned against “slashing” Social Security benefits. Corporate tax reform is fine, but if it’s revenue-neutral, it only postpones – and makes more politically difficult – the task of narrowing the nation’s deficit.

So what happens now? Maybe some members of Congress will display the courage the president has lacked. Maybe Mr. Obama, in the budget he proposes next month, will grapple more realistically with the hard choices than he did Tuesday night. But even if he does, how can he expect public support if he hasn’t made the case? From the man who promised to change Washington, it seemed all too drearily familiar.

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