All The News That Isn’t Fit To Print

David Warren sums up what we’ve learned from “wikileaks”:

…Paradoxically, these documents confirm everything the [New York] Times and like-minded media have not been reporting for the last few years.

That Arab leaders have been begging the U.S. to take military action against Iran, or at least stop appeasing a regime they compare to Hitler’s; that Egypt fears Hamas more than Israel; that Iran rearms Hezbollah in Lebanon under cover of the Red Cross; that Iran and Syria are hand in glove; that North Korea has been trading lethal weaponry to Iran, with Chinese encouragement; that the Turkish government is alarmingly Islamist, and has become a cuckoo in the nest of NATO; that the Emir of Qatar is double-dealing — all these things which “paranoid right wing” types such as yours truly have long known (and been reporting in this column) — are confirmed in the documents

So apparently Israel is not the source of all evil in the Middle East; it’s Iran.

He also points out the spectacular hypocrisy of the Times:

…The total hypocrisy of the Times has been exposed by several of my right-wing colleagues, who have juxtaposed the paper’s various self-justifications. The Times smugly refused, for instance, to print or link any “Climategate” revelations of a global warming scam, because “the documents appear to have been acquired illegally,” and “were never intended for the public eye.” But when an opportunity arises to publish potentially devastating state secrets, they do so without hesitation “in the public interest.” And the smugness is the same…

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