The Real Obstacle To Peace

Robin Shepherd introduces a much-needed dose of reality to the “peace process” debate by citing research on what Palestinian Arabs actually want:

…1) 60% of Palestinians support the proposition that “The real goal should be to start with two states but then move to it all being one Palestinian state”.

2) Only 30% supported the contrasting proposition that “The best goal is for a two state solution that keeps two states living side by side”. A mere 12% of Palestinians supported that proposition “strongly”.

3) 66% support the proposition that “Over time Palestinians must
work to get back all the land for a Palestinian state” with 42% strongly supporting that proposition.

4) Only 23% supported the contrasting proposition that “Israel has a permanent right to exist as a homeland for the Jewish people”.

5) 71% believe Yaser Arafat was right to reject the two state solution brokered by Bill Clinton in 2000 which offered the Palestinians east Jerusalem as well as a peace settlement along 1967 lines. Only 24 percent said that in retrospect they did believe Arafat should have accepted the deal.

6) 55% support the proposition that “A Palestinian state should be run by Sharia Law” with only 35% supporting the contrasting proposition that “A Palestinian state should be run by civil law”.

7) 56% agreed with the proposition that “We will have to resort to armed struggle again” while 38 percent supported the contrasting proposition that “Violence only hurts Palestinians and the days of armed struggle are over”. Interestingly, residents of Gaza are much less enthusiastic about continuing the armed struggle (48%) than residents of the West Bank (62%) indicating, in line with other polls, that far from “radicalising” the Palestinians the Cast Lead operation in Gaza showed many people there that violence is the wrong path for the Palestinians to take.

Print these findings out. Paste them on your wall. Memorize them. And whenever anyone tells you that Israel, the settlements, the Israeli right-wing or whatever is the real obstacle to peace just ask them to explain what these findings mean. The rest is detail…

The survey was conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research in October. The survey interviewed 1,020 respondents of which 854 were used to produce a representative sample. The margin of error was plus or minus three percentage points.

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