Go Figure: The Jewish Woman Behind Islamophobia

Pamela Geller

The New York Times delivers a hit-piece on blogger Pamela Geller in today’s edition.

The paper that publishes the rantings of cheap-shot artists Maureen Dowd and Frank Rich, among others, and promotes Democratic Party talking points on its front page every day accuses Geller of disseminating “venomous rhetoric” on her website which, they say, somebody or other once branded a “hate site.”

Geller’s sin is that she holds the politically incorrect view that we ought to be wary of Islamists as well as Democrats like President Barry. What most ticks off the Times particularly is that she’s opposed to the Ground Zero mosque which the Times grudgingly admits is also opposed by a majority of Americans (those morons, who don’t read the Times and subsequently don’t accept the revealed wisdom of Michael Bloomberg and President Barry on the subject):

It remains unclear how much Ms. Geller is driving opposition to the Islamic center and how much she reflects it — polls suggest most Americans oppose the project — but her involvement can hardly be ignored.

Hardly! So finally, after weeks of liberal hype over the alleged wild fire spread of “Islamophobia” around the country, the Times’ crack team of investigative journalists has finally discovered the source of all the hate and incitement: a Jewish divorcee and mother from New York who blogs in her “fuzzy slippers.”

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