Bob Gorrell

An interesting and revealing discussion on Fox News last night. Mort Kondracke referred to Tea Party candidates as extremists. His poster girl for top extremist was Nevada U.S. Senate candidate Sharon Angle, one of whose positions is that the Department of Education, among others, should be abolished.

Mort considered this egregiously dangerous because, he believes, we need this bureaucracy now more than ever given that American students are near the bottom in math and science. Mind you, the Education Department was founded in 1979 by, not surprisingly, Jimmy Carter, so it’s been in business for 31 years, during which American students’ math and reading scores have plunged to the bottom and stayed there.

On Fox News, another panelist wondered whether test scores and students’ math and reading skills were better during the two centuries we managed to live without a federal education bureaucracy. I’d bet on it.

So this is where we are: In Obamaland, you’re an extremist if you propose getting rid of a wasteful ineffective bureaucracy.

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