The Last Sane Jews

Apparently there are a number of Jews, Israelis that is, who are in touch with reality:

…TEL AVIV—At a protest in front of the Turkish embassy in Tel Aviv, Yoram Ben Zion, 31, admits that this is not how he typically spends a the beginning of the Israeli weekend in Tel Aviv. “Usually you can find me smoking weed and drinking beer on Rothschild Avenue,” he said. But on Thursday night, Yoram, a self-described “hippie and stoner” who is normally apolitical, joined over 1,000 young Israelis at a rally organized on Facebook to defend Israel and hit back at her critics, especially Turkey. They waved Israeli flags and sang patriotic songs, and gave Turkey the proverbial finger, holding up signs that read, “How many Kurds did you kill today?” and calling for the world to recognize the Armenian genocide.

At the protest there were “straights, gays, Russians, Ethiopians, and even French tourists,” said Gene Epshteyn, 35. “Ninety-nine percent of the people there were secular. This was not a right-wing rally. It was average everyday Israelis who’ve had enough.”

In politically splintered Israel—the joke about “two Jews, three opinions” is an understatement in a country with over thirty political parties—Israelis are massively divided about issues like settlements and the peace process. But this week, fed up with what they view as an onslaught of unfair global criticism of their country, young Israelis—the ones who don’t typically care about politics, and even many from the left-wing—were atypically unified and mobilized in full nationalist fervor in defense of Israel. Pro-Israel demonstrations have been held across the country, and huge numbers of Israelis are enlisting their Facebook pages and email accounts to present Israel’s side of the story to the world…

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