The Indestructible Obsession with Israeli Iniquity

Alan Dershowitz once observed that if the Arabs laid down their arms, peace would break out; but if the Israelis laid down theirs, genocide would ensue.

Mark Steyn:

… among the British and European artistic community, the fetishization of the Palestinians and the consequent obsession with Israeli iniquity is indestructible – even as millions are murdered in the Congo, and hundreds of thousands in Darfur, and (less genocidally) as the High Administrative Court in Cairo contemplates stripping Egyptian men of their citizens for the crime of marrying Israeli women…

And the Wall Street Journal editorial page:

…the worthies at the U.N. [have] denounced Israel in terms they haven’t used so far against North Korea’s recent and unprovoked murder of 46 South Korean sailors aboard the Cheonan…

And Paul Mirengoff from Power Line :

…Gaza, the PA, and even Hamas represent a side-show. Israel has won this battle and the latest incident isn’t likely to overturn that result. Consider what the oft-criticized IDF and Israeli government has accomplished in the past five to ten years. It has crushed the intifada, essentially ended terrorism inside Israel, and curtailed the projectile attacks from Gaza.

Meanwhile, Israel flourishes. My wife, who used to visit the country annually to visit her father, returned this year for the first time since his death more than six years ago. She was impressed by the modernization, and enhanced standard of living, she observed.

There are major clouds on the horizon, of course. They come from Iran and from Southern Lebanon. They loom no larger today, following the flotilla diversion, than they did last week.

Some may argue that incidents like that on the Marmara will make it more difficult for Israel to gain support from the international community for taking meaningful action against Iran and/or Hezbollah. They would be mistaken. Israel has no chance of obtaining such support under any circumstances. And if it did, that would be because key members of the international community have a self-interest in seeing strong action taken against Iran. Under these circumstances, the one-off incident on the boat would not make a difference.

Any military force, if placed under frequent challenge, will make mistakes. When the force in question is the IDF, mistakes will be magnified and even non-mistakes will bring criticism. Israel’s supporters should do less fretting about this reality, and keep their eyes on the ball.

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