Here is brilliant Barry wowing the audience once again:

…Let’s start with an excerpt of the President speaking today at the National Prayer Breakfast, cut number nine:

B[arry] H[ussein] O[bama]: One such translator was American of Haitian descent, representative of the extraordinary work that our men and women in uniform do all around the world. Navy Corpseman Christian Bouchard, and lying on a gurney aboard the USNS Comfort, a woman asked Christopher where do you come from? What country? After my operation, she said I will pray for that country. And in Creole, Corpseman [sic] Bouchard responded in Tanzini.

HH: All right, stop for a second. Mark Steyn, I’m glad he’s recognizing the corpsman, but he can’t pronounce corpsman. And not only that, it makes me think he never, ever rehearses anything.

M[ark] S[teyn]: No, I think that’s true. I mean, I think corpseman is the new zombie superhero, isn’t he, coming out in the big James Cameron movie. That’s what corpseman is. But this guy, I think you’re right. He wings everything. And that’s why he spends so much time speaking to so little good. I mean, this is, apart from the fact that it’s kind of revealing culturally in a broad sense, it typifies the Obama method. I said about that appearance of his with Martha Coakley a couple of days before the Massachusetts election, I said he went to the trouble of flying in to phone it in, which is what he did. He went to the trouble of going all the way to Massachusetts, but then he had nothing to say when he got there. It’s the same thing in Copenhagen with his pathetic Olympics pitch. And I think it does come to this thing where he just says fire up the teleprompter, and I’ll come in and wing it…

Here’s the video. He actually says “corpseman” twice! Do you think we’ll see a book of Barry malapropisms? Don’t hold your breath.

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