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Brute-force "Consumer Protections"

Watching the coverage of the “health care summit,” I thought for a moment that Barry had caught the opposition being as “disingenuous” as he customarily is. But a Wall Street Journal editorial reveals that the disingenuousness, it turns out, was all Barry’s:

…The morning was dominated by an argument over whether ObamaCare would lower insurance costs, and the exchange was telling. Republicans, led by Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander, rightly said that premiums would increase, while the President disagreed. “This is an example of where we’ve got to get our facts straight,” he said, in keeping with his strategy of depicting any disagreement as factually challenged or politically motivated.

One fact is that the Congressional Budget Office estimates that premiums in the individual market would jump by 10% to 13% in 2016 because the government will mandate that consumers buy richer benefits than they otherwise would. Mr. Obama eventually conceded that point but said these mandates are simple consumer protections. “Yes, I am paying 10% to 13% more because instead of buying an apple, I’m getting an orange,” Mr. Obama said. “We want competition, we just want some minimum standards.”

Well, yes, politicians always claim their standards are the minimum. Despite vastly different consumer health needs and preferences, the core of ObamaCare is the brute-force regulatory standardization of benefits and how they should be paid for, so that government can afford to subsidize health care for all…

The D-Word Disease

Mark Steyn on the “diversity” disease:

…You’ll recall the cringe-making response to the [Fort Hood] massacre by the embarrassing General Casey, the Army’s chief of staff:

“What happened at Fort Hood was a tragedy,” said Gen. Casey, the Army’s chief of staff, “but I believe it would be an even greater tragedy if our diversity becomes a casualty here.”

The fact that a grown man not employed by a U.S. educational institution or media outlet used the word “diversity” in a non-parodic sense should be deeply disturbing. “Diversity” is not a virtue; it’s morally neutral: A group of five white upper-middle-class liberal NPR-listening women is non-diverse; a group of four white upper-middle-class liberal NPR-listening women plus Sudan’s leading clitorectomy practitioner is more diverse but not necessarily the better for it. For 30 years we have watched as politically correct fatuities swallowed the entire educational system, while we deluded ourselves that it was just a phase, something kids had to put up with as the price for getting a better job a couple years down the road. The idea that two generations could be soaked in this corrosive bilge and it would have no broader impact was always absurd. When the chief of staff of the United States Army has got the disease, you’re in big (and probably terminal) trouble.

It's Supposed to Be Hard

George Will gets it right on the “government is broken” nonsense espoused by the likes of Evan Bayh and the leftish media:

…Well, it’s hard to take a lecture on bipartisanship from a man [Evan Bayh] who voted against the confirmation of Chief Justice Roberts, the confirmation of Justice Alito, the confirmation of Attorney General Ashcroft, the confirmation of Condoleezza Rice as Secretary of State. Far from being a rebel against his Party’s lockstep movement, Mr. Bayh voted for the Detroit bailout, for the stimulus, for the public option in the healthcare bill. I don’t know quite what his complaint is, but, Terry, with metronomic regularity, we go through these moments in Washington where we complain about the government being broken. These moments have one thing in common: The Left is having trouble enacting its agenda. No one when George W. Bush had trouble reforming Social Security said, “Oh, that’s terrible – the government’s broken.”…

Actually this is the way the U.S. government is supposed to work. It’s supposed to be hard to enact radical change.

A Magnificent Refusal To Debate

Melanie Reid, writing in the Times of London, can’t wait for Mossad the Movie:

…It is an unfashionable thing to say, but I have a considerable admiration for the Israeli way of doing things. They want something, they get it. They perceive someone as their deadly enemy, they kill them. They get hit, they hit back. They don’t waste time explaining or justifying or agonising; nor do they allow their detractors to enter their country and then afford them generous welfare payments. They just act. No messing. No scruples. Not even a shrug and a denial, just a rather magnificent refusal to debate anything.

This absolutism, based on their history, carries its own moral weight; one that is rather electrifying in a Western world grown flabby with niceties. Clearly, the Israelis could defend their policies if they wanted to, but they quite simply can’t be bothered. It’s a waste of breath. One admires them for that, too…

Maybe, as the West becomes increasingly gentle and polite, and pays those monthly direct debits to Amnesty International, we need the Israelis to remind us that the world is not made according to our template…

Robin Shepherd weighs in.

The Androgynous Richard, The Macho Rachel

Ann Coulter unloads some well-deserved malice on the wacky crew at MSNBC:

…it was curious that after months of warnings from the Bush administration in 2007 that Iran was pursuing a nuclear weapons program, a National Intelligence Estimate on Iran was leaked, concluding that Iran had ceased its nuclear weapons program years earlier.

Republicans outside of the administration went ballistic over the suspicious timing and content of the Iran-Is-Peachy report. Even The New York Times, of all places, ran a column by two outside experts on Iran’s nuclear programs that ridiculed the NIE’s conclusion.

Gary Milhollin of the Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control and Valerie Lincy of cited Iran’s operation of 3,000 gas centrifuges at its plant at Natanz, as well as a heavy-water reactor being built at Arak, neither of which had any peaceful energy purpose. (If only there were something plentiful in Iran that could be used for energy!)

Weirdly, our intelligence agencies missed those nuclear operations. They were too busy reading an article in the Tehran Tattler, “Iran Now Loves Israel.”

Ahmadinejad was ecstatic, calling the NIE report “a declaration of the Iranian people’s victory against the great powers.”

The only people more triumphant than Ahmadinejad about the absurd conclusion of our vaunted “intelligence” agencies were liberals.

…Naturally, the most hysterical response came from MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann. After donning his mother’s housecoat, undergarments and fuzzy slippers, Keith brandished the NIE report, night after night, demanding that Bush apologize to the Iranians.

“Having accused Iran of doing something it had stopped doing more than four years ago,” Olbermann thundered, “instead of apologizing or giving a diplomatic response of any kind, this president of the United States chuckled.”

Olbermann ferociously defended innocent-as-a-lamb Mahmoud from aspersions cast by the Bush administration, asking: “Could Mr. Bush make it any more of a mess … in response to Iran’s anger at being in some respects, at least, either overrated or smeared, his response officially chuckling, how is that going to help anything?”

Bush had “smeared” Iran!

Olbermann’s Ed McMahon, the ever-obliging Howard Fineman of Newsweek, agreed, saying that the leaked intelligence showed that Bush “has zero credibility.”

Olbermann’s even creepier sidekick, androgynous Newsweek reporter Richard Wolffe, also agreed, saying American credibility “has suffered another serious blow.”

Poor Iran!

Olbermann’s most macho guest, Rachel Maddow, demanded to know — with delightful originality — “what the president knew and when he knew it.” This was on account of Bush’s having disparaged the good name of a messianic, Holocaust-denying nutcase, despite the existence of a cheery report on Iran produced by our useless intelligence agencies…

Nauseating Left-Wing Jew Hatred

You want to see and hear something nauseating? Watch this from something called AfriSynergy.

A little after 3 minutes, the odious Jew-hatred begins.

Go, Israel!

According to the Times of London, Israel is “waging a covert war across the Middle East”:

Israel is waging a covert assassination campaign across the Middle East in an effort to stop its key enemies co-ordinating their activities.

Israeli agents have been targeting meetings between members of Hamas and the leadership of the militant Hezbollah group, and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

They are also suspected of recent killings in Dubai, Damascus and Beirut. While Israel’s Mossad spy agency has been suspected of staging assassinations across the world since the 1970s, it does not officially acknowledge or admit its activities.

The current spate of killings began in December when a “tourist bus” carrying Iranian officials and Hamas members exploded outside Damascus. The official report by Syria claimed that a tyre had exploded but photographs surfaced showing the charred remains of the vehicle — prompting speculation that a much larger explosion had taken place.

Several weeks later a meeting between members of Hamas, which controls Gaza, and their counterparts from Hezbollah in its southern Beirut stronghold in Lebanon was also attacked, resulting in several deaths.

Hamas had sought to cover up the incidents because it was embarrassed, a senior Palestinian official in Ramallah told The Times…

Who You Callin' a Professor?

A novel way to play the race card. Now, calling Barry a “professor” is racist:

…[Harvard law professor Charles] Ogletree, founding and executive director of the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice, says he sees the “professor” label as a thinly veiled attack on Obama’s race. Calling Obama “the professor” walks dangerously close to labeling him “uppity,” a term with racial overtones that has surfaced in the political arena before, Ogletree said…

“The idea is that he’s not one of us,” Ogletree says of the professor label. “He has these ideas that are left wing, that are socialist, that he’s palling around with terrorists — those were buzzwords, but the reality was they were looking at this president as an African American who was out of place.”

Thomas L. Haskell, a professor emeritus of history at Rice University, agrees that racial bias may be implicit in the attack on Obama’s professorial past.

“For me and a lot of other academic types, we identify with Obama precisely because he is an intellectual,” Haskell says. “But what does that mean to John Q. Public? I don’t know. John Q. Public may be frightened of these people, especially because this particular intellectual is a black.”

Again, an idea so stupid only an intellectual could believe it.


Here is brilliant Barry wowing the audience once again:

…Let’s start with an excerpt of the President speaking today at the National Prayer Breakfast, cut number nine:

B[arry] H[ussein] O[bama]: One such translator was American of Haitian descent, representative of the extraordinary work that our men and women in uniform do all around the world. Navy Corpseman Christian Bouchard, and lying on a gurney aboard the USNS Comfort, a woman asked Christopher where do you come from? What country? After my operation, she said I will pray for that country. And in Creole, Corpseman [sic] Bouchard responded in Tanzini.

HH: All right, stop for a second. Mark Steyn, I’m glad he’s recognizing the corpsman, but he can’t pronounce corpsman. And not only that, it makes me think he never, ever rehearses anything.

M[ark] S[teyn]: No, I think that’s true. I mean, I think corpseman is the new zombie superhero, isn’t he, coming out in the big James Cameron movie. That’s what corpseman is. But this guy, I think you’re right. He wings everything. And that’s why he spends so much time speaking to so little good. I mean, this is, apart from the fact that it’s kind of revealing culturally in a broad sense, it typifies the Obama method. I said about that appearance of his with Martha Coakley a couple of days before the Massachusetts election, I said he went to the trouble of flying in to phone it in, which is what he did. He went to the trouble of going all the way to Massachusetts, but then he had nothing to say when he got there. It’s the same thing in Copenhagen with his pathetic Olympics pitch. And I think it does come to this thing where he just says fire up the teleprompter, and I’ll come in and wing it…

Here’s the video. He actually says “corpseman” twice! Do you think we’ll see a book of Barry malapropisms? Don’t hold your breath.

Common Sense

Jennifer Rubin on the now obvious debt of gratitude we owe the previous administration (Bush and Cheney) for establishing Guantanamo and military trials for terrorists:

…Until the public could see the alternative to Bush policies played out before their eyes, they did not fully appreciate just how rational were the choices made by those charged with keeping the country safe in the months and years following 9/11. It is all the more remarkable that the Bush team got it right on the big calls, considering that, unlike the Obami, they did not have any recent experience to guide them. They relied on common sense, on historical precedent, and on the conviction that the highest priorities were to protect the public and deny any advantage to our enemy, not curry favor with international opinion. They have been vindicated in that judgment by none other than the moral preeners who ran for office on the specious argument that the Bush team had betrayed American values and actually made us less safe. Nothing could be further from the truth. It has taken a mere year for two thirds of the public to agree.