These Great Modern Professors

Last night on Jim Lehrer’s show the idiotic old hack Mark Shields said the following:

… I — first of all, all great revolutions are led by aristocrats. That is the reality of history.

So, the idea that [Barry] went to Harvard Law School does not in any way preclude his leading a populist revolution…

Actually the “great revolutions” he’s talking about are always led by intellectuals, not aristocrats, and those intellectuals are usually the kind that philosopher Eric Hoffer described as “two-bit” meaning they “read a book.”

These are the kind of whom Dostoyevsky wrote:

If these great modern professors are given the full and utter possibility of abolishing the old society in order to reconstruct it anew, it will result in such gloom, in such utter chaos, something so gross, so blind and so inhuman that every building will collapse under the curses of humanity, even before they have a chance to finish construction.

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