Of Muslims and Sarah: Unacceptable To Complain

Reuel Marc Gerecht on how the FBI’s fear of offending Muslims is making us vulnerable to terrorists:

…It shouldn’t require the U.S. to have a French-style, internal-security service to neutralize the likes of Maj. Hasan. He combines all of the factors—especially his public ruminations about American villainy in the Middle East and his overriding sense of Muslim fraternity—that should have had him under surveillance by counterintelligence units. Add the outrageous fact that he was in email correspondence with Anwar al-Awlaqi, a pro-al Qaeda imam well-known to American intelligence, and it is hard not to conclude that the FBI is still incapable of counterterrorism against an Islamic target.

For the FBI, religion remains a much too sensitive subject, much more so than the threatening ideologies of yesteryear. Imagine if Maj. Hasan had been an officer during the Cold War, regularly expressing his sympathy for the Soviet Union and American criminality against the working man. Imagine him writing to a KGB front organization espousing socialist solidarity. The major would have been surrounded by counterintelligence officers.

And D. L. Flynn in a letter to the editor of the Wall Street Journal reveals the illogical argument used against Sarah Palin:

..What is… striking in [columnist Thomas] Frank’s opinion is that, with all the whining and vindictive instances that he [ascribes to her], never once does he say that Sarah Palin’s statements in her book “Going Rogue” are false. He only says that it is unacceptable to complain. This leaves the assumption that, in Washington politics, it is acceptable to damage another’s character because that person can never complain since complaining about it would be unacceptable proof of whining and vindictiveness and show evidence of a poor character…

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