You Call Yourself A Black Man?

An editorial in today’s Wall Street Journal questions whether the political left is really interested in our becoming a post-racial society:

When Alabama Congressman Artur Davis voted against the health-care bill that passed the House earlier this month, he probably expected some grief from fellow Democrats. But he couldn’t have anticipated being accused of selling out his race.

Mr. Davis was the only black Member to oppose the legislation, and his vote earned him a rebuke from Jesse Jackson at a Congressional Black Caucus Foundation reception Wednesday night. “We even have blacks voting against the health-care bill,” said Mr. Jackson. “You can’t vote against health care and call yourself a black man.”

…Liberals insist that America still isn’t “post-racial,” notwithstanding the election of President Obama. But when a politician’s skin color is gratuitously invoked in a debate about whether the government should have more control of health care, you have to wonder if the political left has any serious interest in a color-blind society. Former President Jimmy Carter suggests that whites who oppose the President’s policies are racists; Mr. Jackson says blacks who oppose them are betraying their race…

The very last thing the political left wants with a black man in the White House is a color-blind society. As we get closer to election day next year and in 2012 and if the Democrats and Barry are in trouble, we can expect to hear how a vote against Barry and the Democrats is a vote to return to our racist past; therefore, anyone who votes Republican is, by definition, racist.

Why would the political left want to give up such a powerful weapon?

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