Consolation Gift

Why would Barry, er Attorney General Holder, decide to bring the mastermind of 9/11 to New York for a criminal trial, a decision guaranteed to infuriate everyone but the far, far left? As one who considers Barry to be a cynical demagogue, I will try to give you the answer.

Barry has striven to do whatever Bush would not do, but it has been hard going. He would like to fully embrace his campaign rhetoric that Bush made us less safe by aggressively prosecuting the war on terror which, Barry claimed, only created more terrorists. But he’s been afraid to do this for fear that Bush’s policies are, in fact, the reason that there had been no terrorist act in America between the time of 9/11 and Fort Hood. Thus Barry has had to keep the despicable Patriot Act and the NSA wiretaps for fear that getting rid of them would result in a terrorist attack which would in turn disastrously expose the Democratic Party’s Achilles heel- weakness on national security.

Thus the far left “base” is not happy. They are also not happy that Barry may be forced to send more troops to Afghanistan, where we are in a war that he proclaimed to be one of necessity rather than choice.

Also, despite huge Democratic Congressional majorities, Barry probably will not be able to deliver what he promised his base on medical reform: a European-style national medical system. Also today, Politico reports that the administration will drop the global warming legislation, aka cap and trade, in order to concentrate on the deficit, another decision guaranteed to make the left go berserk.

So a New York criminal trial for “KSM” with all of the risks and horrifying possibilities that it entails is Barry’s consolation gift to the loony left.

Here’s his calculation: while New Yorkers may get upset about having “KSM” in their midst (and making their city an even more attractive target for attack, not to mention that a judge may throw out the case because of “waterboarding”), they are unlikely to be so upset that they would vote for a Republican.

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