A Great Day For the Irish!

John Kass, expert on the Chicago Way, discusses the Irish beer fest to be held at the White House today:

…President O’Bama is Irish in the way that counts.

As Chicagoans have long known but never shared with outlanders from the Washington Post or The New York Times, O’Bama was found as an infant, floating in a reed basket along the banks of the Chicago River, two great serpents strangled in his tiny fists.

He was rescued by the women of the Daley clan who took pity on the babe, and protected him on the orders of our own great and terrible king, Richard II, also known as Mayor Shortshanks.

And when O’Bama was ready, Shortshanks sent dozens of retainers from City Hall to guard and watch over him in Washington and run the capital The Chicago Way ™, men such as the magical wizard David McAxelrod, and skillful knife fighters like Rahm O’Manuel and the valiant warrior Princess Valerie McJarrett.

The beer of choice for the O’Bama White House is Budweiser…the perfect brew to sip while talking about racism.

Several years ago, Rev. Jackson led a boycott against Budweiser, denouncing the company for discriminating against black people. TV cameras flocked to him, excited as puppies, as he poured Bud onto the street with a sneer, pronouncing (I kid you not) “This Bud is a dud!”

Budweiser stopped being considered racist by Jackson the moment his sons were given the exclusive Budweiser distributorship for the North Side of Chicago. Then, Bud was not a dud. Bud had experienced its own teachable moment, and Bud passed the test…

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