Defining Deviancy Down for Non-Jews

Former CIA director in the Clinton administration James Woolsey offers a modest proposal as quoted by Frank Gaffney:

…Regrettably, as Director Woolsey notes, the world has a tendency to “define deviancy down for non-Jews.” As a result, governments around the world, including the Obama administration, never even mention the possibility that Jews should be able to enjoy the same rights and privileges in any future Palestinian polity that Israeli Arabs exercise today in the Jewish state.

So, instead of what amounts to a Hitlerian program of Judenrein in any prospective Palestinian state – meaning, as a practical matter, if not a de jure one, that no Jews can reside or work there, there could be approximately twice the number of Israeli Jews as currently reside in so-called “settlements” on the West Bank. They should be free to build synagogues and Jewish schools. And newspapers that serve the Jewish population in any future state of “Palestine” should be permitted to flourish there.

Jews should also have a chance to elect representatives to a future Palestinian legislature. They should be able to expect to have representation as well in other governing institutions, like the executive and judicial branches.

In order for the foregoing to operate, Jews in the Palestinian state must be able to live without fearing every day for their lives. In Mr. Woolsey`s view, “Once Palestinians are behaving that way, they deserve a state.”

In other words, Jews in a “Palestinian” state should have the same rights Arabs have in Israel. Don’t hold your breath.

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