Decisions Today, Crisis Tomorrow

David Frum looks at Barry’s new America:

…In barely four months, Barack Obama has nudged the United States toward a future in which government will be bigger and more assertive — where taxes will be higher and government unions more powerful — where legal rights are less secure and contracts more uncertain.

In California, he is pushing a state toward the fiscal edge in order to favour a union ally. At Chrysler, he has put at risk the security of every contract in the country to please another union.

Meanwhile, his administration is planning changes to the regulation of finance that are likely to leave the United States less dynamic and less innovative in the years ahead — at the same time as taxes rise and educational levels decline. (Already the Educational Testing Service– the people who run America’s SAT exam — predicts a less skilled U. S. workforce in 2030 than today, with literacy rates declining by an average of 5% as unskilled immigration and rising rates of single parenthood take their toll.)

It’s easy to lose sight of these wrong and costly choices in the turmoil of the immediate crisis. But it is these decisions of today that are preparing the crisis of tomorrow.

Please read the entire piece for more examples of what Michael Barone has called Obama’s “gangster government.”

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