The Root Causes of Deranged Fantasies

The Wall Street Journal’s Dorothy Rabinowitz takes on the “blame America crowd”:

…Nowhere in [the] citation of the root causes of Muslim terrorism was there any mention of Islamic fundamentalism — the religious fanaticism that has sent fevered mobs rioting, burning and killing over alleged slights to the Quran or the prophet. Not to mention the countless others enlisted to blow themselves and others up in the name of God.

… For advocates of the root-causes theory of crime, the central story is, ever, the sorrows and grievances of the perpetrators. For those prone to the belief that most eruptions of evil in the world can be traced to American influence and power there is only one subject of consequence.

Accustomed as we are by now to this view of the U.S., it’s impossible not to marvel at its varied guises — its capacity to emerge even in journalism ostensibly concerning the absurd beliefs about the 9/11 attacks held by so many Muslims. It’s conventional wisdom in the region — according to a New York Times dispatch from Cairo, Egypt, last fall by Michael Slackman — that the U.S. and Israel had to have been involved in the planning, if not the actual execution of the assaults. No news there. Neither was the information that there was virtually universal belief in the area that Jews, tipped off, didn’t go to work at the World Trade Center that day. Or that the U.S. had organized the plot in order to attack Arab Muslims and gain access to their oil.

The noteworthy point here was the writer’s conclusion that the U.S. itself was to blame for the power of these beliefs. “It is easy for Americans to dismiss such thinking as bizarre,” Mr. Slackman allowed. But that would miss the point that the persistence of these ideas represents the “first failure in the fight against terrorism.” A U.S. failure? Nowhere in the extended list of root causes here was there any mention of the fanaticism and sheer mindless gullibility that is the prerequisite for the holding of such beliefs.

Its very ordinariness speaks volumes about this report. A piece written with evident serenity, the perversity of its conclusions notwithstanding, it’s one emblem among many of the adversarial view of the nation that is today entrenched in the culture. So unworthy is the U.S. — an attitude solidly established in our media culture long before the war on terror — that only it can be held responsible for the deranged fantasies cherished in large quarters of the Arab world. So natural does it feel, now, to hold such views that their expression has become second nature…

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