Never Mind!

You gotta love the New York Times. Since Barry’s elevation, they’ve run news stories about all the bad guys being detained in Guantanamo whom they previously considered innocent shepherds wrongly “swept up” on the battlefield, an editorial urging Congress to pass the Colombian Free Trade Bill which I don’t remember their urging pre-election, and now an editorial advising against talking with the Taliban.

Looks like the Times is preparing their leftist readers for an Obama administration far different from the one promised during the campaign. If I were really cynical, I’d think Team Obama is coordinating with the Times, knowing that many liberals don’t know what to think until they read it in the New York Times.

Only the insufferable Times, convinced of its power over liberal elite opinion, could do this with a straight face.

Here’s some good news:

…The average individually paid circulation of the [Wall Street] Journal rose 2.4 percent to 1.4 million as of September from a year ago, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations. The [New York] Times’ slid 5.5 percent to 858,985 on that basis…
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