What's A Mocker To Do?

I’m worried about Maureen Dowd (Modo). How will she employ the only talent she has -a gift for bitchy derision- during an Obama administration that allows only worshipful piety. It was the election of FDR that led the greatest mocker of all, H.L. Mencken, to retire from writing his column. Mencken sensed that the skepticism and scorn he employed against Coolidge and Hoover just wouldn’t do when it came to Roosevelt.

Since Barry’s elevation, Modo has emitted two columns of Oprahistic kvelling over Barry’s success, another column trashing Sarah Palin, and now two columns of scorn for her pre-Bush targets – the Clintons.

She’d better hope that Barry appoints Hillary to head the State Department, or as I have said previously, it’s going to be a long four to eight years for her. Even if Hillary gets the job, Modo can’t spend those years trashing just Hillary, can she?

Here’s a bit of today’s column in which she manages to insult the Clintons while remaining true to her new boyfriend (Am I allowed to say “boy”?):

…At least Bill has the satisfaction of seeing that he has roiled the previously serene and joyous Obamaland. It may be Obama’s very willingness to take the albatross of Bill from around Hillary’s neck and sling it around his own that impresses Bill. Obama is overlooking all his cherished dictums against drama and leaking and his lofty vetting standards to try and create a situation where the country can benefit from the talent of the Clintons while curbing their cheesy excesses, like their endless cash flow from foreigners…

If you read the entire column, you’ll get to the part where she quotes, with a straight face, none other than show biz mogul David Geffen on Hillary’s qualifications to be Secretary of State. Pure Modo.

Looks like the only ones willing to insult Barry belong to Al Qaida. I guess you have to live in a cave in a remote area of Afghanistan to get away with it:

Al-Qaida’s No. 2 leader used a racial epithet to insult Barack Obama in a message posted Wednesday, describing the president-elect in demeaning terms that imply he does the bidding of whites.

The message appeared chiefly aimed at persuading Muslims and Arabs that Obama does not represent a change in U.S. policies. Ayman al-Zawahri said in the message, which appeared on militant Web sites, that Obama is “the direct opposite of honorable black Americans” like Malcolm X, the 1960s African-American rights leader.

In al-Qaida’s first response to Obama’s victory, al-Zawahri also called the president-elect — along with secretaries of state Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice — “house negroes.”

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