The Nobody Nobody Sent

Amidst all of the trashing of Sarah Palin, it is interesting to compare her story to that of wunderkind Jewish genius Rahm Emanuel.

Here’s Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass on Emanuel:

…Washington media types talk about [Emanuel] as a Clinton guy, but Emanuel is really a Chicago City Hall guy. At City Hall, the unwritten rule is we don’t want nobody nobody sent. The guy who sent Emanuel to then-candidate Bill Clinton in 1991 is named Daley. Bill Daley, the mayor’s brother.

Here’s Emanuel’s resume: He was a ballet dancer (nothing wrong with that); he went to Sarah Lawrence and Northwestern and majored in “communications”; he signed on with the present Chicago Mayor Daley as (according to the American Prospect) a fund-raiser and bully; this “connection” led him to the Clinton administration for which he was a fund raiser and spin doctor, after which he returned to Chicago where he (according to the Wall Street Journal ) “earned $16.2 million in a two-year stint working …for investment-banking firm Wasserstein Perella & Co [and] also served on the board of Freddie Mac, the mortgage giant that was nationalized this year in the financial crisis.”

John Kass picks up the story:

…Loyal readers know why I put the (D-Tomczak) at the end of Emanuel’s name. It refers to the corrupt Daley administration Water Department boss, Donald Tomczak, now in federal prison in Duluth, Minn. He sits there because he was convicted of bribery. Emanuel didn’t have anything to do with that. But he was a political beneficiary of Tomczak and the Chicago Way.

Two years ago, at the federal trial of Mayor Daley’s patronage chiefs—who were eventually convicted for building an illegal political army of city patronage workers to maintain the mayor’s control on Chicago—Tomczak was a key witness.

And he testified that he was ordered to put his political regiments on the streets in 2002 to elect Emanuel and defeat a liberal Democratic grass-roots candidate. The mayor put hundreds of political hacks on the city payroll stumping for Emanuel back then. Tomczak controlled them. They were afraid not to work the precincts. It was the only way for them to get promotions.

Emanuel was elected. So if there wasn’t a Tomczak [and a corrupt Daley machine], putting the army out for Emanuel, then Emanuel wouldn’t have been in Congress…

Now another Daley machine alumnus, one Barry Obama, has summoned Rahm to the epicenter of American political power – the Oval Office.

As they say: Only in America.

Then there’s the story of Sarah Palin, who, if she lived in Chicago, could be described as “the nobody nobody sent.” The daughter of a public school science teacher and school secretary, she ran succesfully (without money or “conncections”) for two terms on the Wassilla, Alaska city council and two terms as mayor. Palin then challenged and defeated sitting Republican governor Frank Murkowski in the primary. Murkowski had been one of Alaska’s Republican U.S. Senators, who when he was elected governor resigned his Senate seat and appointed his daughter, Lisa Murkowski, the Majority Leader-designate of the Alaska House of representatives, in his place. This led his opponents to accuse him of nepotism.

Then, according to Wikipedia:

Despite being outspent by her Democratic opponent, [Palin] won the gubernatorial election in November, defeating former governor Tony Knowles by a margin of 48.3% to 40.9%. Palin became Alaska’s first female governor, and at the age of 42, the youngest governor in Alaskan history. She is the state’s first governor to have been born after Alaska achieved U.S. statehood, and the first not to be inaugurated in Juneau; she chose to have the ceremony held in Fairbanks instead. She took office on December 4, 2006, and has been very popular with Alaska voters. Polls taken in 2007 early in her term showed her with a 93% and 89% popularity among all voters, which led some media outlets to call her “the most popular governor in America.

William McGurn, writing in the Wall Street Journal, notes:

…In the treatment of Mrs. Palin by some of the McCain staff, there is the clear whiff of condescension. That’s something a sitting American governor might understandably find hard to stomach coming from a bunch of young professional Republicans who have never themselves run for office…

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