Ladies and Jews

The scorn and derision heaped upon Sarah Palin coming from my liberal, mostly Jewish, friends and relatives is quite amazing. It makes me think that modern feminism has less to do with “women” and more to do with the success of the Democratic Party. Of course, I shouldn’t be surprised considering the “feminists” aggressively attacked perfectly credible Democratic women who accused Bill Clinton of groping in the case of Kathleen Willey and rape in the case of Juanita Broderick. The feminists responded to Clinton with motherly protectiveness after having excoriating the apostate Clarence Thomas for allegedly having joked about porn star “Long Dong Silver.”

The charge against Sarah Palin is her putatively deficient intellect. Jews and other liberals consider themselves to be intellectuals and they look condescendingly at those of insufficient urbanity such as Sarah Palin.

Liberals who have been around since the fifties seem to have forgotten the history of their own lifetimes. They forgot that Harry Truman was considered a mediocrity when he was in office, that he didn’t run for re-election in 1952 because he had no hope of winning, that his manner of speaking was lampooned for its vulgarity, and that he never even attended college.

They also forgot how their liberal parents howled over Eisenhower’s “tortured syntax,” and that he never seemed to do anything but play golf. They don’t remember how much their parents loved the witty, eloquent Adlai Stevenson despite Stevenson’s selection of Alabama segregationist Senator John Sparkman to run as his vice-presidential candidate and they mistook for deep thinking Stevenson’s inability to make a decision.

And then there’s the “amiable dunce” (in Democratic elder Clark Clifford’s words) Ronald Reagan. In his published journals, Arthur Schlesinger, when he stops ridiculing Reagan’s intellect, declared Reagan to be just about the greatest threat to the human race ever. Schlesinger believed that Reagan’s pressure exerted on the Soviet Union by his arms build up and “Star Wars” would result in an ever-spiraling arms race ultimately resulting in the destruction of the planet. When the Soviet Union and communism started to crumble, Schlesinger expressed astonishment, all the while repeating stories he heard from his friends about Reagan’s supposed idiocy. And when the Soviet Union did collapse, he awarded the Oscar to Gorbachev while refusing to consider the possibility that a moron like Reagan could have had anything to do with it.

My liberal friends and relatives admire Barry’s smoothness, that he’s “articulate, bright and clean,” as Joe Biden once remarked. To them, Barry’s the second coming of Jack Kennedy, another hero who, as we now know, was a desperately ill, totally irresponsible, mobbed-up drug addict. My liberal friends and relatives, of course, don’t want to hear about that.

But did ya hear the latest about Sarah’s clothes?

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