The Filibuster Proof Senate Majority

It is now assumed that Barry will be elected president. Barry’s left-wing past, radical associations, and the liberal media’s unwillingness to probe too deeply is scary enough. But the full catastrophe would come with the election of a filibuster-proof Democratic Senate, which is entirely possible.

I doubt that many of the folks so angry at Bush realize what they are enlisting for. Ronald Reagan’s election was a sharp turn away from the liberal orthodoxy that had prevailed since FDR. But we all knew what Reagan was about. He had served two terms as California’s governor and was very clear in his speeches and writings about what he believed in. When Gingrich and Company took over the Congress, we knew what they were about, for they told us in their “Contract with America.”

But more important than Reagan and Gingrich’s honesty and transparency about their views and goals is the fact that neither had complete control of the national government. Reagan never had total command of Congress and Gingrich had to deal with a Democratic president. And Americans could depend on an extremely hostile media to keep them honest, something we can forget about if complete Obamadom comes to pass.

If what some of the more terrifying polls are predicting comes true, we will have voted-in the most left-wing government in American history. The Roosevelt and Johnson administrations wouldn’t even come close to an Obama-Pelosi-Reid government.

Yes, Roosevelt and Johnson had strong Democratic majorities in Congress, but the Democratic Party of FDR and LBJ was not the Democratic Party of Obama. That party was made up of disparate groups: pro-defense union leaders, minorities (Jews and blacks), liberal intellectuals, and rural (segregationist) Southerners. That Democratic Party had a large number of pro-defense, pro-military, anti-isolationist members who off-set the pacifist intellectual faction of the party. Democratic presidents had to keep all these disparate groups relatively happy, which had a moderating influence on their agendas. The patron saint of liberal Democrats in the 1950’s was Adlai Stevenson. I doubt that anyone remembers that his running mate in 1952 was John Sparkman – a segregationist U.S. Senator from Alabama.

The Democratic Party of today has none of the “diversity” it had during the FDR-Truman-Kennedy era. There are no longer any “moderate” Democrats like Henry Jackson and Pat Moynihan. The last pro-defense Democrat was Joe Lieberman who was drummed out over his pro-Iraq War apostasy. The result is a party uniformly pacifist, anti-business, and alienated from the values of Middle America. Obama and his media wing have played this down even when Obama says what he really thinks of ordinary Americans – to a group of San Francisco Democrats: those small town folks “cling to their guns and religion.”

A correspondent asked George Orwell shortly before his death where he got the model for his dystopian satire 1984. He said he was satirizing the leftist intellectuals he worked with at the BBC during the war. He realized after working and talking with them over a period of time that the society depicted in 1984 would be the one they would create if they ever achieved total power.

I exaggerate perhaps, but if today’s Democrats gain total control of the Senate, we will be in uncharted territory. I wonder how many Americans incensed over the economy, the war and Bush know what they are signing up for.

And Tony Blankley on Barry’s past elections:

..Obama has portrayed his political career as one extended beau geste to the ideal of American democracy, a slightly curious media would have thought to report on how he ran his previous elections. And those prior elections, far from being models of honest elections honestly fought, are redolent of Chicago politics at their most suspect.

Obama’s first election was described recently by Martin Fletcher, a foreign correspondent for NBC News, in the British newspaper The Times (not on NBC): “Mr Obama won a seat in the state senate in 1996 by the unorthodox means of having surrogates successfully challenge the hundreds of nomination signatures that candidates submit. His Democratic rivals, including Alice Palmer, the incumbent, were all disqualified.” Hmm.

Obama’s election to the U.S. Senate was even more curious, as described by Gerard Baker in the Irish Independent: “Two exquisitely timed divorces smoothed the way.

“In the Democratic primary, he was a long shot. But a month before the election, his main opponent, Blair Hull, a wealthy Chicago futures trader, was forced to publish divorce papers that revealed, among other charming details, his wife’s claim that he had once threatened to kill her.

“In the general election, lightning struck again. His opponent, the engaging Jack Ryan, had run a campaign as a different sort of Republican. But a few months before the election, his divorce papers revealed that, while he might have been a different sort of Republican, he was from precisely the same stable of Obama political opponents. He had, it turned out, once tried to force his former wife to go with him to sex clubs in Paris.”

Was Obama really the innocent beneficiary of these rare events? Anything is possible. But when a fellow deals himself two royal flushes in a row, the other players are entitled to be suspicious. Moreover, when a politician is suspected of hypocrisy, the Washington press corps usually is supercharged in its efforts to prove their suspicions. But despite the fact that these bare outlines of Obama’s elections are pregnant with the implications that he has gained every office he has sought so far by underhanded and sordid means — while posing as a Gary Cooper-like idealist in a corrupt political world — the American media have let these extraordinary events simply pass without significant comment.

During the past few weeks, as I have been traveling extensively across the country, I have yet to find anyone (including a few reporters and producers at local news stations in Florida, California and New York) who has heard of these facts. The response when I recite the facts is always about the same. More or less: “Really? Wow!”

A few days ago, a senior McCain campaign aide was reported to have said that McCain would rather lose with dignity than win by questionable means. I hope that isn’t Sen. McCain’s view because the aide has it exactly backward. If the polls are reasonably accurate, three weeks of John McCain’s campaigning is the only thing standing in the way of the American public making the most uninformed presidential decision since the invention of the telegraph.

John McCain has an unambiguous duty to the nation to force the public to at least be informed as to the nature and character of Sen. Obama. He needs to lay out all the accurate available information of Obama’s prior alliances, affiliations and conduct both for the purpose of revealing Obama’s character and Obama’s radical policy disposition.

The Obama campaign has raised to a high art the technique of politically intimidating people from commenting honestly about Obama. They play the race card dishonestly, and almost the entire deck from which they deal is filled with race cards and threats of litigation. Real racism is appalling, but the act of falsely charging racism undercuts the very causes of equality and tolerance.

As courageous as John McCain’s life has been to date, the next three weeks may be his most heroic. He must do his duty and alert the public despite the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” that will be shot into his back as he does so. Once he has discharged that duty — and arranged for sufficient lawyers to protect the ballot boxes from what is likely to be an unprecedented campaign of attempted voter fraud — Sen. McCain may be confident that his honor will be intact…

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