The Debate

Who won the Biden-Palin debate? Barry’s people think Biden won because he had a greater command of the facts. Well, it all depends on how you define facts. If, by facts, you mean things that are either true or false, then Biden certainly won. If you mean facts are true statements, that’s a different matter.

The problem is that a number of Biden’s “facts” are simply not true. Tom Maguire (link below) points out that Biden’s claim that the U.S. commander in Afghanistan is against a “surge” there is at best a gross distortion and is, at worst, (in Maguire’s words) a goddamned lie. Maguire also notes that Biden was wrong when he said we had kicked Hezbollah out of Lebanon; Syria was kicked out of Lebanon.

There are probably other things Biden said that were either wrong or distortions, but I find it really offensive that he and Obama get away with harping on the fact that McCain voted against the left-wing bill providing funding for the soldiers in Iraq dependent on a fixed withdrawal deadline. Such a bill was, as Palin said, running up the white flag of surrender. That was the bill Obama supported.

Link to Tom Maguire here.

And Michael J. Totten examines Biden’s Hezbollah gaffe.

And Power Line examines Biden’s Vice President and the Constitution gaffe.Viagra Side Affects
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