The Naturally Popular Person versus The Monotonous Leftist

Writing in the New York Sun, Conrad Black succintly and smartly contrast Sarah Palin with Joe Biden, while skillfully skewering Harry Reid:

…even the Republicans were not prepared for the virtuosity of Mrs. Palin’s debut on Wednesday night. Managing to be winsome and even ingenuous, while witty; hard-hitting without being a harridan; an authentic feminist about what women can aspire to, while being a traditionalist; a clean government achiever and a populist enemy of the oil companies’ excesses and the proverbial special interests; a spunky and endearing, yet effective, attack dog; she touched all the buttons. The early Democratic and media ripostes of offended American womanhood, lumpen bourgeois mediocrity, and the primitive frontierswoman with a rifle in one hand and a Bible in the other, were completely inadequate.

She is a naturally popular person, and a contrast with Joe Biden, a monotonous leftist journeyman, full of pretension and loquacity, a plagiarist (from Neil Kinnock of all people) with hair plugs. When Mrs. Palin quoted the noisy nonentity the Democrats have inflicted on the Senate as majority leader, Harry Reid, as detesting John McCain, and said that was the greatest compliment the Republican nominee could receive, to deafening applause, a resonant tocsin sounded…

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