Barry and the Bloviator

Barry’s choice of Joe Biden as his running mate is another reason to vote for McCain.

Biden is the most annoying politician in the entire English speaking world. I would say the entire world, but I’ll limit it to politicians I can understand in their own language. It’s not only that he talks too much. It’s also his attitude, which says: Only a person of inferior intellect and morality could disagree with my obviously brilliant emanations. Come to think of it, Biden is a more bloviating Barry.

Why else do I dislike Biden? It’s not mentioned often, but Biden was responsible for one of the most disgraceful “scandals” in American history – the Clarence Thomas show trial held by the Senate Judiciary Committee. As chairman, Biden leapt at the chance to suck-up to the Stalinist-feminist wing of the Democratic Party while self-righteously preening for days before a national television audience.

Never mind that Clarence Thomas had undergone two previous Judiciary Committee investigations without a single challenge to his ethical or moral character. Never mind that Thomas had overcome a childhood and adolescence of grinding poverty in the Jim Crow South. And never mind that not a single credible person with whom he worked, before Anita Hill, had ever accused him of “sexual harassment.”

A politician with integrity would have told Hill’s leftist backers to come back when they had credible witnesses, and would have required Hill to give credible answers, in private, as to why she followed Thomas from job to job and phoned him numerous times after he had helped her get a job teaching law and thus had no power over her. Instead, Biden and his media allies allowed the usual women studies’ professors a perfect platform for their “they just don’t get it” shtick, while allowing the Democratic Party to throw a man’s reputation in the mud before a televised audience.

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