Admiration and Awe

Liberal columnist Richard Cohen writes of Barry’s lack of accomplishments, particularly compared to those of John McCain.

The lede:

“Just tell me one thing Barack Obama has done that you admire,” I asked a prominent Democrat. He paused and then said that he admired Obama’s speech to the Democratic convention in 2004. I agreed. It was a hell of a speech, but it was just a speech.

On the other hand, I continued, I could cite four or five actions — not speeches — that John McCain has taken that elicit my admiration, even my awe. First, of course, is his decision as a Vietnam War POW to refuse freedom out of concern that he would be exploited for propaganda purposes. To paraphrase what Kipling said about Gunga Din, John McCain is a better man than most…

Most of the media, reflecting our feminized culture and their liberal bias, isn’t interested in celebrating the kind of qualities possessed by McCain. A European friend of mind recently described McCain as “crazy.” To today’s pacifist intellectuals, anyone who was a fighter pilot would have to be crazy, for a prime requirement for being a fighter pilot is belief in what used to be called the “manly” virtues of courage, endurance and loyalty. Belief in such ideals is thought by today’s liberal elite to be signs of dangerous mental instability.

All fighter pilots are, by definition, courageous which doesn’t mean, of course, that all fighter pilots should be President. (Another friend, recently referred to McCain as a “loser” because he was shot down over North Vietnam. But even Chuck Yeager, generally considered the greatest of all pilots, was shot down during World War II.) Beyond his obvious courage in volunteering to fly fighter jets, McCain’s record as a prisoner of war reveals a man of exceptional character through his strength to endure injury and torture and yet remain loyal to both his fellow prisoners and his country.

Unfortunately these are qualities of character that modern liberals find inexplicable and thus “crazy.”

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